Write code for the application that allows


Write code for the application that allows users to calculate the expected cost of a trip as follows: User can enter anticipated miles User can enter anticipated cost of gas per gallon The application should: Provide interface options to allow the user to calculate anticipated cost and exit the application Calculate and display the approximate cost, including oil change Create a Drop box List for the application’s applet to include: Beginning locations (at least six) Destination locations (at least six) Vehicle size (compact, mid, luxury, SUV) Gas type (leaded, unleaded, super unleaded, diesel) Also create the following: A field for approximate miles A field for cost of gas per gallon A Submit button A Clear button Now that you have created most of the code as well as the front end features and buttons, create a calculator function to enable users to calculate their own costs if they choose. Be sure to follow the same format that you have been using for the previous assignments. This week you create the final piece of your Java Project. Follow the steps below to finish your project: Create an interface with the motif look and feel that allows the user to enter and record trips taken and store them in a data file on a floppy disk. Fields should include: Trip date Start destination Ending destination Mileage Cost

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