Write a discussion post of at least 500 – 600 words (2 pages


Write a discussion post of at least 500 – 600 words (2 pages single-spaced) based on the following prompt (answer both questions): Think of an activity you did today. Using what you learned in this module, describe at least five different parts of your brain and how they were involved in that activity. If you were a psychologist or neuroscientist interested in learning more about one of those brain parts, what methods could you use to learn more about the brain? (Consider types of studies you could create, experiments you could design, brain-imaging techniques, and other methods described in your reading) In learning about the brain, what information stands out to you as most helpful or interesting when it comes to understanding the way humans think and act? * Use two (2) credible sources, one of which can be the textbook. Sources should be cited and included in a reference list at the bottom of the post.

On the activity you did today, I chose playing an online game.

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