White (p…r) | Applied Sciences homework help

White P….r for an External Audience

Should focus on the industry trend for government and large businesses migrating their current information system to a cloud computing option and why small businesses should join the trend.

1200-1600 words

Single Spaced

Cite in APA Style

five sources, one is provided


KARAGOZLU, D., MBOMBO, A. B., & AJAMU, J. (n.d.). 2020, volume 11, Issue 4, Pages: 149-167 | Https://doi.org … https://www.edusoft.ro/brain/index.php/brain/article/download/1078/1245.

three graphics, two of which are original

 *Use third person point of view for your white papers. White papers are most effective when in THIRD person point of view ONLY. 

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