Week4 discussion media | Reading homework help

DUE ASAP 250 words



Straubhaar, J. D., LaRose, R., & Davenport, L. (2010). Media now: Understanding media, culture, and technology. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning


Thinking Critically 4

For this assignment, you will pick 2 questions from the specified chapters (4 total) and answer each with a minimum of 2 paragraphs that are 3–5 sentences.

Read Chapter 6 of the Straubhaar et al. text. Select 2 questions from the list below to answer:

1.      How does the history of popular music help you understand where music is going as a business? As artistic statements? As politics?

2.      What can other media industries learn from the challenge that digital media and Internet distribution created for the music industry?

3.      Has large­scale listening to African American music by Caucasian audiences helped race relations?

4.      Does the drive by the music industry to discover the next big hit keep other interesting music from being discovered?

5.      Is the American music scene too fragmented? Or is it a good thing that people just listen to what they want?

Read Chapter 7 from the Straubhaar et al. text. Select 2 questions from the list below to answer:

1.      How does the history of radio help you understand how Internet radio, podcasting, and other audio media are going to develop as commercial forms? As artistic forms?

2.      The United States was the first country to turn radio into a commercial medium. What does that tell you about how new media will develop in the United States? How might this media be different elsewhere?

3.      Does obscenity on the radio need to be more tightly controlled? Justify your answer with examples from radio history.

4.      What might justify new regulation to break up large radio groups and make radio a more local medium again?


5.      Do you think broadcast radio still plays a positive role in helping people like you learn about new music? If not, what if anything should be done about it?

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