Week 6 assignemnt | Nursing homework help

Week 6 Lesson Plan

· Points 100

This week, submit a completed lesson plan for your first teaching experience. You must teach the lesson and submit the video evidence by the end of week 7.

Make sure you have reviewed the rubric for your teaching experience to ensure you are planning correctly. The lesson plan will be graded this week, separately from your teaching experience.
The goal is for you to successfully teach your group of students. You will have the opportunity to rework your lesson plan in the next two weeks if needed.

Lesson Plan Requirements:

You may use any lesson planning template that is readily available or one you have used throughout your studies. There is a sample lesson planning template linked


Download here. You must include the following detailed sections in your plan (use headings to delineate sections):

1. Your name, date, site location, and preceptor name

2. Lesson title and subject/concept

3. Level of subject/concept, audience, and class size

4. What domain your lesson is aligned to (cognitive, affective, or psychomotor)?

5. Your students prior knowledge and scaffolding strategies for building on prior knowledge; list any new vocabulary terms the students will need to know for the lesson.

6. Potential challenges and intervention strategies if needed. Address any potential safety concerns if there is hands-on application during the lesson.

7. Brief overview of the concept, content, lesson, and its purpose in the curriculum.

8. Standards and learning objectives (include matching QSEN objectives). Learning objectives written using Bloom’s taxonomy.

9. Presentation of content: How will you open the lesson to get the student’s attention? What visuals will you use to present the content?

10. Lesson pacing and structure: List each step you will follow to complete the lesson. Include estimated time to complete each step, material references, handout names, quiz/test names, activity names, skill sheets, group activities, etc.

11. Student activities: What will the students be doing during the lesson that shows active learning and engagement (individual, small groups, collaboration)? Provide a rationale for why the activity is appropriate.

12. Assessment of learning objectives and/or evidence of student’s acquisition of the content during your lesson (informal assessment) and a plan for a formal summative assessment that you can administer later. List and describe any homework the students will be expected to complete.

13. Closure: Describe how you will end the lesson, for example, reviewing the lesson learning objectives; “cliff hanger” question for the next class date; an encouraging anecdotal story; comments of reinforcement and encouragement; etc.

14. Extra notes or areas that need further clarification.

15. Resources and materials needed for lesson.

The lesson plan should be detailed enough so that another nurse educator could teach from the plan. Be sure to review your instructor’s feedback before teaching your lesson.

Review the rubric for grading criteria.

Points Possible: 100

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