Week 2 journal reflection paper (for dr. noorfatima)


Choose a topic from the lesson/readings that interests you and compose a journal reflection paper that is two pages, double-spaced, in length. Be sure to clearly identify what topic you’ve chosen to write about.  The journal should consist of a reflection upon your own experience connected with the course topics in our readings, discussions and assignments. Feel free to make it personal and draw from examples and observations from your life and experience. 

My topic is “The Homeless: Government Protection and Public Programs to Provide Assistance in Cites”

As stated, feel free to make it personal, how you view it, etc. You can talk about the homeless around the world and especially here in San Francisco because it is higher homeless rate. Use the readings and research more information and write accordingly. If you need to change the topic to help you write a positive paper, I am okay with it. Just let me know

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