Week 2 discussion and replys | HIM 445 Healthcare Project Management | Ashford University


  • Group 1 – Last names beginning with A – F: Review the business case for the VAPR project on pages 105-114 in the course textbook. Do you think there is a solid business justification for doing this project? Why or Why not? What parts of the business case do you think could be stronger? How?

Response 1


As described in the healthcare project management textbook, the VAPR (Virtual Alternative Pain Relief) project aims to create a virtual reality (VR) platform that provides non-pharmacological pain relief to patients. The business case for the VAPR project has been presented in the textbook, and it is important to evaluate the business justification for the project.

In my opinion, there is a solid business justification for the VAPR project. Pain management is a critical aspect of healthcare, and the opioid epidemic has highlighted the need for non-pharmacological pain management alternatives (Cheung, 2019). The VAPR project offers a unique solution to this problem by providing a VR platform that can be used to distract patients from their pain. Furthermore, the VAPR project has the potential to significantly reduce healthcare costs by decreasing the reliance on opioids and other pain medications. The business case for the VAPR project is well-developed and provides a thorough analysis of the potential benefits and costs of the project. The business case outlines the expected return on investment (ROI), which is a key component of any project justification. The business case also identifies potential risks and challenges that could impact the project’s success. These risks and challenges have been thoroughly evaluated and addressed in the business case, which adds credibility to the justification.

However, some areas of the business case could be stronger. For example, the business case does not clearly analyze the competitive landscape. While there is no direct competition for the VAPR project, there may be indirect competitors that could impact the project’s success. A more comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape would strengthen the business case. Additionally, the business case could provide more detail on the potential benefits of the VAPR project. While the business case does outline some benefits, such as reduced healthcare costs and improved patient outcomes, it could provide more detail on how the project will achieve these benefits (Bergmo, 2015). A more detailed analysis of the potential benefits would strengthen the business case and provide a more compelling argument for the project’s justification.

In conclusion, the VAPR project has a solid business justification. Pain management is a critical aspect of healthcare, and the VAPR project provides a unique solution to this problem. The business case for the VAPR project is well-developed. Still, there are areas that could be strengthened, such as a more comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape and a more detailed analysis of the potential benefits. Overall, the VAPR project has the potential to impact healthcare significantly and should be pursued.

repponse 2


The scope, goals, and participants of a project are stated in the project charter. It specifies the project’s objectives and goals and starts the process of defining the roles and responsibilities of those involved. The project plan’s charter also lists the principal participants and establishes the project manager’s scope of responsibility. A concise problem statement should be used to begin the project charter. The conditions that have a negative influence on the business should be described in the problem statement using quantitative reasoning; these conditions will then need to be fixed through Six Sigma projects. The discrepancy between the desired and actual states is described in the problem statement. It accurately and without commentary or opinion characterizes the issue you are attempting to resolve or the opportunity you are attempting to seize. 

A project manager creates several project management documents, but the project charter—which is created by senior management—is the most important document and may not have been created by the project manager at all. The project’s first business paperwork consists of the project charter, business case, and benefits management plan. The project charter must be written since it is the most important document, according to the Project Management Institute (PMI). A person outside the project in charge and accessing the required funding must sign the project charter. A sponsor, senior management, the PMO (project management offices), or another person may sign documents. Despite not overseeing creating the project charter, the project manager may be able to help the project sponsor by using their knowledge in project management. Without a project charter, a project cannot be started, or a project manager engaged. With the same goal—authorization—the charter in project management also applies to program and portfolio management. An intended line of action is called a project, and it needs finance. The sponsor performs a feasibility assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and review of the benefits management plan before starting the project. Project definition and stakeholder guidance are provided in the project charter. Changes to the project charter are rare, and they can only be made by the sponsor or top management. 

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