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Week-13 Discussion Answers

After reading your textbook, I want you to have a good understanding of the fundamentals of each chapter and show it to me. Please don’t copy & paste from your textbook or some other online source. In other words, don’t plagiarize. You can read online material if it helps to understand the material, but you have to write your own sentences.

Chapter-14 topic Discussions and questions:

1. Describe the (Ho) null hypothesis for
a test of independence.

2. An investigator was interested in the relationship between color preference and number of siblings. A test of independence produced a 2 that allowed the null hypothesis to be rejected. Write a proper conclusion for this test result.

3. Explain the
short cut method of calculating 2 and give a numerical example

4. Describe
Phi and the
odds ratio

5. A social psychologist hypothesized that a factor in juvenile delinquency was the presence or absence of a strong father-figure in the home. He examined the folders of 100 inmates in the federal reformatory and found that only 50 of these young men grew up with a strong father-figure in the home. He also examined the records of 100 randomly selected male college students and found that 70 of them had strong father-figures in their boyhood homes.

Use the
chi square method to test the psychologist’s hypothesis.


1. A labor official predicted that the following percentages of makes of cars would be seen passing a picket line at an automobile plant where a strike was in progress.

General Motors Ford Chrysler Foreign Brand

38% 28% 24% 10%

The following numbers of cars were counted. Analyze the data and write a conclusion about the official’s prediction.

General Motors Ford Chrysler Foreign Brand

114 72 75 41

1. On a test of independence between alcoholism and early toilet training, a clinical researcher found a 2 = 6.48. With
df = 1 and = .05, write a conclusion about the relationship between the two variables.

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