Week 1 discussion | HIM 435 Analyzing Healthcare Data | Ashford University


By Day 1 of Week 1 your instructor will assign you a state to examine for this discussion.

The ability to extract health care data from online databases is important to identify trends that can lead to better patient care. The Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality (AHRQ) provides a web-based tool for extracting data presented in the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports Links to an external site.. For this discussion, query the database to find data for your assigned state.

In your discussion,

  • Identify the state you were assigned in your discussion post subject line.
  • Go to the AHRQ web page National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports Links to an external site.. Click on “State Snapshots,” and select the state you were assigned.
  • Click on the link that says “Review Underlying Data.” Give two examples of measures for each of the categories below:
    • Measures That Achieved Benchmark or Better
    • Measures That Are Close to Benchmark
    • Measures That Are Far from Benchmark
  • Include the three benchmarks in your initial post.
  • Investigate one of the measures you noted above that are in the “Measures That Are Far From Benchmark” category.
  • Examine the data tables and graphs. What trends do you see over time?
  • Describe how your state compares to the total group. Be specific and provide the comparison data for all the measures you noted above in your discussion. For example, “Florida’s breast cancer death rate was 21.50 compared to 23.5 in all populations.”
  • Discuss what conclusions you can draw from the data you presented.

****** i was assigned the state FLORDIA

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