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This presentation will highlight your understanding of public key infrastructure (PKI) and Nessus vulnerabilities.


Create an eight-slide PowerPoint presentation. Slide requirements are listed below.

· Slide 1: Include a title slide with the following heading: PKI and Nessus Vulnerability Scanning.

· Slide 2: Provide a PKI introduction slide, and explain cryptography and how PKI works.

· Slide 3: Explain how messages are sent using PKI (use graphics and text).

· Slide 4: Explain how messages are received using PKI (use graphics and text).

· Slide 5: Provide a Nessus introduction slide, explain how Nessus works.

· Slide 6: Include a screenshot of the Nessus hosts, and provide a brief overview of the host that you found.

· Slide 7: Provide a screenshot of the Nessus vulnerabilities, and provide a brief description of how many of each vulnerability severity and why you should be concerned about the critical and high severities.

· Slide 8: Include a reference slide.


Use the slide notes function to provide a full description of the slides, explaining PKI as if the individuals you will be briefing do not know anything about PKI.

You will use your textbook, the CSU Online Library, and external websites to complete the research for your PKI slides.

Vulnerability Scan Tool

Use the slide notes function to provide a full description of the slides, explaining hosts and vulnerabilities.

You will use a popular vulnerability scanning tool called Nessus that helps to identify those vulnerabilities that hackers seek out to exploit.

Before you start, for the Windows Operating System (OS), you must download the WINPCAP first and then the Nessus.

· Access the WINPCAP (Windows OS only) instructions.

· Access the Nessus instructions.

· Access the instructions for how to use Nessus.

· If you are using a Mac, access the Mac Installation video.

· The transcript for the Mac Installation video is also available.

Please adhere to APA Style if referring to citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.

Course Textbook(s) Whitman, M. E., & Mattord, H. J. (2022). Principles of information security (7th ed.). Cengage Learning.

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