Unit iv powerpoint presentation – hrm | HRM 6301 – Human Resource Management Methods | Columbia Southern University

 For this assignment, prepare a PowerPoint presentation to train mid-level managers in your organization. The focus is to help the managers design an effective training process for employees in their department. This presentation should simulate an actual presentation that will be delivered to the managers. You must utilize the slide notes function in PowerPoint to add speaker notes to each slide; these notes should be used in order to explain or expand on slide content as if you were actually presenting this to your audience. Alternatively, you may add audio to the slides, but if you do so, you will need to provide a transcript of your audio in a separate Word document and upload it in Blackboard in addition to the PowerPoint file.Include (at a minimum) the points below in your training delivery.

  • Include an overview of the training.
  • In conducting a needs analysis, what are the steps?
  • What is the content of the training?
  • How are trainer(s) selected?
  • Identify two organizational objectives.
  • Identify two training objectives.
  • Identify who is the target audience for the training. What are their learning styles?
  • Evaluate training models. Which one would you select, and why?
  • Compare and contrast different training methods.
  • Connect the training methods to learning styles.
  • How will the effectiveness of the training be evaluated, and why is evaluation critical?
  • How should managers ensure transfer of training?

At the end of the PowerPoint presentation, you must have one slide with five evaluation questions to determine the effectiveness of your training.Your PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of 15 slides in length, not counting the title or reference slides. As aforementioned, you must add slide notes or audio to the slides. 

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