Unit 8 discussions (due tuesday 8/17)

 All discussions are Due Tuesday 8/17)

Unit 8 DB: Managerial Controls (MGT105 Principles of Management)

First, think of an incident of business fraud or scandal in the news, or choose one that has been mentioned in your reading.  Research the scandal, paying close attention to how it was possible for whatever went wrong to happen.

In your post, specify the scandal you chose, and you MUST include in your post citations to the sources where you have conducted your research. 

Then respond to ALL of the following questions in your initial post:

  1. Were there controls in place that should have prevented the scandal or fraud from happening? Cite from this week’s reading materials those used as well as those not.
  2. Explain what types of controls existed using the terminology in your reading (feedback, proactive, concurrent, strategic, operational, tactical, top-down, objective, normative, financial, nonfinancial), and how they were used.
  3. Why do you think the controls you selected as ineffective, were ineffective? 
  4. Why do you think the business didn’t have sufficient controls in place?
  5. What was management’s role in the failure of the controls?

Unit 8.1 Discussion: The Americas (HIS101 World Civilization)

Compare the rise of civilizations in Mesoamerica and Andean South America. How are they similar to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus River Valley, and the Yellow River Valley? Why do you think civilizations which developed halfway across the world exhibit similarities? How are they different? Are there specific reasons why differences exist? When responding to your classmates, include new, additional research to support or disprove their position. Make sure to use proper APA format for all citations provided and include a reference list for the citations you use.

Unit 8.2 Discussion: Course Reflection (HIS101 World Civilization)

After having the opportunity to complete the course, what would you change and why? What topic particularly caught your interest and what do you want to know more about?  Last, but not least, if you could share with the next class one piece of advice about this class, what would it be? Please note that this pertains to the class, the materials, flow/organization, etc.

Unit 8 Discussion: Planning for Global Marketing (MKT200 Principles of Marketing)


It’s common for well known B2C brands to engage in public-facing activities which promote the brand’s commitment to social responsibility. The intention is to leverage the brand’s ethical and socially consciousness.

Simulated Business Scenario

Toyota senior management has been meeting in Tokyo, Japan to devise a global marketing campaign centered on social responsibility. To this end, Toyota decided to hire a consultancy to develop a 9-month plan ending December 31, 2021. Management has asked for a presentation for an initial list of items that would be considered valid elements of a social responsibility marketing plan that would accommodate all the markets that Toyota competes in.


What type of research would the consultancy conduct to understand each of the wide variety of cultures that the brand competes in?  Armed with this researched information, how might the consultancy modify their social responsibility campaigns to accommodate some of the major markets?

Unit 8 Discussion: Sociocultural Factors (PSY102 Fundamentals of Psychology II)

For this forum, you only need to make a main post by Tuesday at 11:59 PM. Reply posts are not required for this forum.

Choose one area of psychology (e.g., perception, ideas about consciousness, memory, emotions, and health psychology).

  1. Discuss how sociocultural factors might impact psychological processes and behavior.
  2. Share real-life examples of how your culture may have influenced your psychological development.

Unit 8.1 DB: Culture, Race, and Ethnicity (PSY201 Child Development)

In reflecting on your own child development, consider the ways your culture, race, and ethnicity affected you. 

In your opinion, why is it is important for professionals working in child development fields to develop cultural competence to best understand, support, and advocate for children of diverse backgrounds? Include a definition and your understanding of cultural competence.  Support your viewpoint with at least three findings from scholarly research. Research findings may relate to cultural values, beliefs, and traditions, family language(s), Socioeconomic status (SES), poverty, immigration, prejudice, discrimination, education, or a relevant topic of your choice.  

Pretend you are a Psychologist consulting on child development policymaking. Name two recommendations you would make regarding priorities and strategies for advancing equity for children of diverse backgrounds.

Submit your initial post by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m., EST

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