Unit 8 discussion | Applied Sciences homework help


n your initial post to this discussion, complete the following:

  1. Provide a short description of your personal vision, mission, values and ethics, social accountability, and stewardship values related to the health care field you are in or will be entering.
  2. Review the NCHL Health Leadership Competency Model on page 32 of your New Leadership for Today’s Health Care Professionals: Concepts and Cases text. On the basis of this model, list five specific competencies that highlight your strengths. Describe how these competencies can be used to improve organizational outcomes.
  3. Choose an organization to study. You may use the organization for which you work, an organization related to your field, or one you may be interested in working for in the future. Conduct research to find the organization’s vision, mission, values and ethics codes, social accountability and stewardship values, and governance models used. Identify the organization and include the information you discovered in your research in your initial post as well.

Response Guidelines

Respond to the posts of other learners according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines. From the perspective of a hiring team member of your fellow learners’ chosen organization, how well do the learners’ vision, mission, and strengths match the vision, mission, and needs of the organization? What repercussions could occur in the case of a mismatch? What are some positive outcomes related to having the vision and mission in alignment?


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