Unit 5 db responses | Human Resource Management homework help

 In response to your peers, reflect on suggestions to change the Social Security program.

1.The Social Security trust funds are financial accounts in the U.S. Treasury. These trust funds hold asset reserves and provide automatic spending authority for benefits. There are two separate Social Security trust funds, the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund pays retirement and survivors benefits, and the Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund pays disability benefits.

I want to put out more information about how social security works. Many Americans don’t know if you don’t pay into social security, the person can get denied social security benefits. When graduating high school, a requirement should be to take a social Security course.

Should Social Security be mandatory for all workers, or should it be a choice to participate in the program? 

2. The OASDI program is funded by every employed American considering that every US employed citizen has a portion of their paychecks put into the social security program as precautionary measures. It’s purpose is to have insurance when things go wrong in someone’s life as security (hence the name). This program helps when someone is trying to retire and maintain the same income, have some sort of disability and cannot work (ex: heart problems), or if the main breadwinner dies and the other person cannot maintain the income and expenses. There are two different trust funds that the United States Treasury uses. One is for retirement and survivor benefits, and the other is for people with disabilities. Since the money is going to specific things, it works as a system because then money will not go to things it is not supposed to. Honestly, the social security program is very beneficial for US citizens because we will benefit from the money that we put into it. It is purely to help in time of crisis. Say someone was working and did not contribute to the social security program, and they get into a horrible accident that restricts them from working. This person would have no aspect of income considering they do not qualify for the social security program for disability because they did not put any money into it. It could be improved by raising the payroll tax cap because then it would no longer restrict higher earners from paying as much in taxes which is not fair to low income workers. 

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