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Special education provides educational opportunities for students who need additional support to make academic or social progress in schools. All educators need to understand the components of special education because effective special education programs include collaboration with a variety of educators, administrators, and school staff. 


For this assignment, you will write a 1,000-word research-paper in current APA format that focuses on the characteristics of students receiving special education, the laws governing special education, service delivery models for students eligible for special education services, and Biblical principles that support the inclusion of special education services in schools. The paper should contain the following sections: 

  1. Introduction: Describe special education and why it is necessary. Include a Scriptural reference to support the necessity of special education in schools. Scripture must be supported by at least one sentence that explains how it relates to your discussion. 

  1. Laws: Provide a brief history of the law that established special education in schools (IDEA) and some of the important components of that law (FAPE, LRE). Citations from at least one scholarly resource are required. 

  1. Special Education Services: Describe the characteristics of students who receive special education services. How does a student become eligible for special education services? What kinds of services are provided under special education? Citations from at least one scholarly resource are required. 

  1. Service Delivery Models: Special education services can be administered in a variety of ways. Describe three tiers of special education service delivery environments from least restrictive to most restrictive. Discuss the type of student who would be best served in each type of environment. Citations from at least one scholarly resource are required. 

  1. Conclusion: Summarize the information shared in the previous sections of the paper. Include any additional information or insight you have gleaned from the process of writing this paper. Include a scriptural reference in the conclusion paragraph. Scripture should be supported by at least one sentence that explains how it applies to your discussion. 

A title page and a reference page are required for this assignment.

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