The dao of pooh due 24 hours. 4 pages.

 Instructions: You should use all prior course material, plus your own understanding, to compose a Poohish (Pooh-y?) 

essay response: Taking care to express your understanding of Daoism via the concepts we went over in class, choose one of the Pooh anecdotes recounted in The Tao of Pooh, and apply it to a personal experience of growth in understanding or spirituality that you would like to share.  use  One or more Dao concepts discussed in class were included. ( use wu-wei and shi-fei) 

Do not summarize unless you need to do so to make a point. 

format:  Calibri 11pt; doublespacing. Page limit is not set for this one, because you should write as much or as little as you need. 

 Evaluation: See rubric. 

book link to use (only use the book):

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