the crime, the role of the victim and the criminal justice response


Locate a news report about a crime in any media forum. Research ALL the information in the public domain about the crime, the suspect, victims, and the criminal justice response to the crime. 

Write a paper that critically examines the crime, the role of the victim and the criminal justice response to the events. Explain both the crime and the victim’s role (or lack of it) from the lens of a Victimologist? 

Did the suspect fit the stereotype? Which of the theories explain the victimization? Did the victim precipitate the crime or lacked a capable guardian? Critique the criminal justice response to the crime and the victim? Justify your position using at least three peer reviewed journal articles.

· Crime and victim’s role 10 points

· Victim stereotype 5 points

· Victimization theory & use of Peer-reviewed articles 20 points

· Critique of the CJS 10 points

· Overall style and readability 5 points


· Between 4-5 pages, double-spaced

· Times New Roman, 12-point font

· 1-inch margins all around

· All citations must be done in APA format

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