Tambrands/p&g | Marketing homework help

The attached PDF is the case you will be analyzing, Tambrands/P&G – Overcoming Cultural Resistance. 

You are being asked to summarize and analyze the case – clearly describing the major issues and providing analysis from the perspective of an international marketer. In addition, as part of your report, you will consider and answer the questions below in short  style  (paragraph) providing your reasoning. Your case summary and analysis (2  to 2.5 pages) and question consideration (1.5 to 2 pages) total should be approximately 3.5 – 4 pages in length (12pt font, 1.5 spacing) and should read as one document.

Together with the core International Marketing concepts that you have learned in the course, all the information you need is in the case. You can read other sources for background but there is no need to create a  bibliography. This is “your’ analysis – I am not interested in someone else’s thinking and opinions. This case is about the opportunity for global market growth of feminine hygiene products. It also well demonstrates one of the fundamental international marketing problems.  Specifically when a company with a successful product in one part of the world makes a decision to enter a foreign market where cultural norms are a major barrier to product acceptance. 

The case related questions for your consideration are:

  • Tambrands indicated that the goal of its global advertising plan was  to “market to each cluster in a similar way.” Discuss this goal. Should  P&G continue with Tambrand’s original goal adapted to the new education program? Why? Why not?
  • For each of the three clusters identified by Tambrands, identify the key cultural resistance that must be overcome. Suggest some possible approaches to overcoming the resistance you have identified.
  • P&G is marketing in Venezuela with its “Mexican” model. should the company reopen in the Brazilian market with the same model? Discuss.
  • A critic of the “Protecting Futures” program comments. “If you  believe the makers of Tampax tampons, there’s a direct link between  using ‘Western’ feminine protection and achieving higher education, good  health, clean water and longer life.” Comment.

You will be graded on the quality and correctness of your answers, English usage, clarity of thought and structure of your response.

 Do not include the case text or any of the supplementary questions in your submitted Word document, this should result in a  Similarity index under 10%. 

NB – Please write in your own voice and use your own words – read and think! Cutting and pasting quotes, phrases and thoughts from outside sources will not be tolerated and will result in a zero grade. Also please do not use other Internet sources that purport to solve this case – Slideshare, Course Hero and other student papers and student paper websites – a Turnitin relationship to these types of sources will also result in a zero grade.

You are welcome to visit the Tampax website for some background information. For additional context, you can search on Google for “Period. End of Sentence NPR” and read the NPR article or watch the 26 minute documentary on YouTube/Netflix.

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