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The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts:

1. Create and modify tables.
2. Create and manage reference lists.
3. Insert illustrations and text boxes.
4. Create and modify charts.
5. Modify graphic elements.
6. Create and modify reference elements.

For this assignment, you will be formatting a document to include a table, a chart and an image. You will also conduct additional research and cite your sources and include a reference list.

1. Download the Report.docx file that is attached to this assignment and save it as: LastName_Newsletter.docx. replacing “LastName” with your own last name. (Example: Henry_Newsletter). It is a good idea to save your work periodically.
2. Formatting Requirements

a. Insert a Title Page and include the following: Your name, Project name, and Instructor’s name.
b. Document must use 1-inch margins, 12-point professional font, double-space, automatic page numbering, Reference page.

3. Table

a. Convert the text after “The top ten are listed in the table below” and before “The Retail Industry” heading into a table. Separate text at Tabs.
b. Sort the table in ascending order by retailers.
c. Apply any table style.

4. Image

a. Insert any image with a shopping cart and insert the image into the document at the beginning of the first paragraph (It starts with “Retailing is important to understand”).
b. Apply a square text wrap and move the image so it is aligned with the right side of the document.
c. Appropriately resize the image.

5. Hyperlink

a. Locate the phrase “You can view the number of jobs and retail presence in your state at the National Retail Federation (NRF)” in your document. Add a hyperlink to “that leads to this website:

6. Chart

a. On the “National Retail Federation (NRF)” website, review the “Retail Impact” for the state in which you reside (if residing outside of the US, choose a state of your liking).
b. Create and insert a chart that depicts the “Direct Employment and GDP Value by major industry” for your state for the following employment:

i. Retail trade (including food services and drinking places).
ii. Arts, entertainment, and recreation.
iii. Construction.
iv. Educational services.
v. Healthcare and social assistance.
vi. Finance and insurance.

c. Place the chart after the last paragraph and apply a chart type and style of your choice.

7. Additional Research
Conduct additional research on the “Importance of the retail industry” and include at least two paragraphs (not less than four fully constructed sentences each) with your results.

Place these paragraphs after your chart. The title for this section should be: “Additional Research”.

8. References
Include at least two professional/scholarly sources for your research using APA citations format citing the sources in-text and creating a Reference list at the end. Note: The Reference list must be on a separate page.

NOTE 1: Please do not use unprofessional sources such as Wikipedia,,,,, or anything remotely similar.  Examples of scholarly sources include textbooks, articles, academic journals, and conference proceedings. Scholarly resources are written by experts in their fields, grounded in research, and often refereed (reviewed and edited by researchers in the field). Examples of professional sources include: trade journals or magazines. Professional sources are written for a specific audience that works in certain field. They are not research-based. You can also use our course content (e.g. Read & Watch resources) as a source as well.  UMGC has a top-notch, extensive online library. You can find many scholarly and professional sources there.

Please submit the following to your Assignments Folder:

1. The completed Word Newsletter.docx file.
2. Submit a Project Reflection (see below).

Answer the following questions when you submit your assignments files. 

1. Were there any challenges encountered while completing this assignment? If so, what were the challenges and how did you overcome them?
2. How closely did you follow the parameters of the assignment?
3. What new information did you learn from completing this assignment?

Please submit your Project Reflection as a Microsoft Word document or just copy and paste your answers in your Assignments Folder’s text box when you submit your assignment along with the rest of the required project files.

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