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Synthesis of Literature Related to Problem

For this section, you will review a minimum of five (5) current and scholarly articles related to one of the gaps or area for growth you identified in Part 1. Your review of the literature should include recent studies investigating potential interventions in similar or related settings as well as seminal studies. For this section you need to include the following information for the five (5) selected articles: (a) the purpose/objective of the study; (b) what type of study was it…qual/quant/mixed, etc.; (c) brief description and number of the participants; (d) setting of the study; (e) how was the data collected…surveys, interviews, etc.; and (f) what were the results.

The final product for this section will be a narrative that is a minimum of six full length pages that synthesizes your findings after reviewing the literature. The narrative should at the minimum include the following components: (a) a discussion of research methods, (b) a discussion of any pertinent models, frameworks, or theories, e.g., systems theory and change theory and their relevance to your study, and (c) a summary of the findings and outcomes from the studies you reviewed. 

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