Statistics exercise 2 | Statistics homework help


Assignment                     7
Statistics Exercise II

These weekly exercises provide the opportunity for you to understand and apply statistical methods and analysis.

All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style and must  be written at graduate level English, citing the text in APA format.

#1.  Define “power” in relation to hypothesis testing.

#2.  Alpha (a) is used to measure the error for decisions concerning true null hypotheses. What is beta (ß) error used to measure?

#3.  In the following studies, state whether you would use a one-sample t test or a two-independent-sample t test.A  study testing whether night-shift workers sleep the recommended 8 hours  per dayA study measuring differences in attitudes about morality among  Democrats and RepublicansAn experiment measuring differences in brain  activity among rats placed on either a continuous or an intermittent  reward schedule Use SPSS and the provided data to answer the  following questions.  Round your answers to the nearest dollar,  percentage point, or whole number.

#4.  What is the Pearson r correlation between participants’ ages and the age of their partners (AGE1, AGE2)? A..000  B..413  C..622  D..822

#5.  What is the mean and standard deviation for the Lifestyle score (L)? A.31.22, 7.99  B.36.19, 8.54  C.30.03, 7.28  D.55, 13

#6.  What is the regression equation that would best  predict relationship happiness (HAPPY) from the Lifestyle (L) score?  A.HAPPY = L – .143  B.HAPPY = .23L – 4.5  C.HAPPY = .42L + .23  D.HAPPY =  4.47 – .018L   

#7.  The Lifestyle score (L) measures the degree to  which a participant desires a luxurious lifestyle.  The Dependency score  (D) measures the degree to which a participant expects others to  provide financial support.  Compute the correlation between these two  variables.  Which of the statements below best describes the  relationship?
  A.People who want a more frugal lifestyle tend to be more financially  dependent.  B.People who want a more luxurious lifestyle tend to be more  financially dependent.  C.People who want a more luxurious lifestyle  tend to be less financially dependent.  D.There is no relationship  between desired lifestyle and financial dependency.

#8.  The first case shown in the data file is a  firefighter with a financial Risk-Taking score (R) of 38.  What is his  Risk-Taking z-score (hint: you will need to find the Risk-Taking mean  and standard deviation)?
  A.0.179  B.-0.223  C.1.342  D.-1.223
Assignment Outcomes:

Assess the concepts underlying appropriate use of various research methodologies 

Analyze how to recognize the inappropriate or deceptive use of research methodology 

Compare/contrast the basic assumptions underlying various statistical  operations Summarize the consequences of using various methodological  approaches Differentiate between the appropriate and inappropriate  application and interpretation of research methods and statistics 

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