Start with the map of the pacific northwest : mappnw.pdf actions


Start with the map of the pacific northwest :



Identify the following (sometimes marking or coloring your map can help)

  • a convergent boundary
  • a divergent boundary
  • Mt Rainier
  • the coastline

Now draw a line across the map that starts on the left edge and crosses through Mt Rainier. You will be drawing an underground sketch or cross section along this line that looks something like this:

Screenshot (1).png

This is a Cross Section image of this region. It is a SKETCH not a technical cross section.  To this sketch you need to add the following:

one location and example rock for:

  • formation of non-foliated rocks
  • formation of foliated rocks
  • formation of intrusive rocks
  • formation of extrusive rocks
  • formation of sedimentary rocks

Also indicate where:

  • flux melting occurs
  • decompression melting occurs
  • sedimentary process of weathering, erosion, and transport may occur
  • earthquakes may occur
  • mantle convection occurs

And label:

  • the accretionary prism
  • a trench
  • a volcano that is part of a continental volcanic arc
  • 2 different types of plate boundaries
  • 2 different types of crustal plate
  • plate motion with arrows
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