Socw 6202 week 2 – discussion: overcoming chemical and behavioral | SOCW 6202 – Treatment of Addictions | Walden University


Discussion: Overcoming Chemical and Behavioral Addictions

Most individuals in the throes of addiction are in emotional pain. Recovery is not easy and requires a great amount of personal effort and internal motivation. Individuals working toward recovery encounter a seemingly insurmountable number of personal challenges blocking their decision to change, including denial.

Once individuals overcome their denial, there will be many more challenges blocking their path to recovery. It is important that the helping professional is prepared to help them identify and address each new challenge.

For this Discussion, review the media program in this week’s Resources and identify which clients struggle with chemical addiction and which clients struggle with behavioral addiction. Select one client with chemical addiction and one with behavioral addiction and reflect on the challenges these individuals face in overcoming their chemical and behavioral addictions.

Provide a 250-word discussion Post contain the following content, topics, and headings:

–  A brief description of the two clients whom you selected and whether each has a chemical (physical) or behavioral (psychological) addiction. 

– Then, explain one potential challenge for each client in overcoming his or her addiction. 

Support your response using the Resources and the current literature. Must contain at least 3 references and citations obtained from the above Learning Resources.

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