Socw 6070 wk 6 responses: responding to 2 peers posts separately | SOCW 6070 – Supervision, Leadership, and Administration in Social Work Organizations | Walden University


SOCW 6070 wk 6 responses: Responding to 2 peers posts separately

Respond to at least two colleagues posts separately in one of the following ways the 2 peers are provided

Expand upon your colleague’s response to the Bradley case and case study is provided

Critique your colleague’s strategy for addressing the ethical dilemma he or she has described.

Peer 1

Nakesha Morgan 

RE: Discussion 1 – Week 6

When addressing the Teen First director’s request in the Bradley’s case reminding the director that its the clients decision for the organization to utilize photos of clients. When working with clients it is very important to maintain professional boundaries. Working with clients you can run across ethical conflicts when making decisions. It is important to respond ethically in a situation and ensure that you have a clear professional explanation of things. Ensuring that clients understand everything can help to prevent some issues. Within an organization HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and NASW code of Ethics should be understood by working with clients and maintaining their confidentiality. Within this case it was understood that Tiffani was still in a vulnerable state. Sandy effectively advocated for Tiffani as she knew it was the beginning stage of her recovery. When implementing ethical leadership it influence a person for them to do the right thing. They wanted to use Tiffani face for promo for the program (Plummer, 2014). The worker feels that it will emotionally impact Tiffani. the social worker has an ethical obligation to protect Tiffani (Northouse, 2018).

An organization such as children group home has a resident who has been displaying sexual behaviors in the organization. The sex education teacher asked the resident to give answers to some questions regarding signs of inappropriate sexual behaviors in front of the class. As a worker I will feel the child is being called out because of recent behaviors. I will disagree with that teacher calling on that resident at that time. As I respond to the situation, I will pull teacher to the side and inform them of it to being a good idea at this time to call on the student due to recent circumstances. I will inform the teacher that I feel it will impose on the resident privacy and emotional feelings towards the subject. 

Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. M. (Eds.). (2014a). Sessions: Case histories. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing [Vital Source e-reader]. 

Northouse, P.G. (2013). Leadership: Theory and Practice (6th ed.). Los Angeles: Sage Publications

NASW. (, 2017). National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

Peer 2

7 hours agoRandall Walshvelo 

RE: Discussion 1 – Week 6

Bradley Case 

In Bradley’s case, a social worker has an ethical decision to make that affects the client, organization, and self. Teen First director approached the social worker to discuss having Tiffani Bradley involved in promoting the organization as a “poster child” as a survivor of human trafficking. The social worker’s initial response was a hesitation to speak with and encourage Tiffani to do this. There are concerns about Tiffani “relapsing” by going back to her pimp and being part of human trafficking again. In this situation, the ethical conflict was a point made by Teen First director on empowering Tiffani to make her own decision. Therefore, the social worker had a moral decision to either protect Tiffani from potential harm or empower Tiffani to decide. 

As a Social Worker, it is essential to self-reflect on the self’s character as an ethical person. Those characters refer to who I am as a person and my core values, including trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship (Northouse, 2021). A social worker should take understanding those values and practice them in Bradley’s case. With a comprehension of the values, it should make the ethical decision easier for a social worker. For example, a social worker would want to continue maintaining trust, respect, and fairness with Tiffani. There should be a conversation with Tiffani that there was an interest to have her involved with the Teen First promotion. However, the social worker would also show care and responsibility by being honest with Tiffani about the potential risks. This approach would allow a social worker to comply NASW code of ethics in empowering the clients to self-determination (National Association of Social Workers, 2017). Also, maintaining a commitment to promote clients’ well-being to develop plans to protect themselves from any potential harm (National Association of Social Workers, 2017). Those approaches would satisfy the values of the client, organization, and self as a social worker.

Hypothetical Situation 

A hypothetical situation might occur at a domestic violence center emergency shelter that brings an ethical dilemma for a social worker working there. Domestic violence survivors are widely welcomed to stay at an emergency shelter as long as there are beds available. However, the domestic violence center has policies that survivors had to comply with while staying at the shelter. For example, drugs or alcohol usage are prohibited. A social worker worked with a survivor who recently moved into the shelter to get away from their abusive partner. Unfortunately, while in the shelter, the client fell into a serve depression condition and relapsed to heroin usage again. The client was caught using it in her bedroom and had to be evicted from the shelter. As a social worker, there are concerns for the client and their mental health, knowing that the shelter is the best chance for recovery and well-being. 

As a social worker, it is understandable that the survivor had to comply with the organization’s policies. According to the NASW Code of Ethics (2017), the social worker is obligated to commit to the client’s well-being. A social worker needs to act in the right ways to accomplish worthy goals (Northouse, 2021). Although social workers might disagree with the organization’s decision, they still had to respect the organization and other clients within the shelter. Instead, a social worker might want to redirect focus on the client’s different needs. A social worker would like to seek out resources and another program with shelter for clients with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. A social worker can refer this client to a different program and possibly some shelter to work on heroin addiction and depression. Instead, the client can focus on her recovery from addiction and depression. Simultaneously, the client can remain safe away from an abuser, which was the original goal. When she is ready again, she can always return to the domestic violence center to continue services. 


National Association of Social Workers. (2017). Code of ethics of the National Association of Social Workers. Retrieved from Ethics/Code-of-Ethics-English.aspx

Northouse, P. G. (2021). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (5th ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

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