Social welfare policy memorandum | Social Science homework help


Address a social welfare policy issue through a policy memorandum

  • Research a social policy issue  in the field that currently impacts or impedes your field agency’s capacity to provide services to the population they are serving since COVID-19. Then write a 1-page single spaced policy memorandum brief.  Describe how the policy fits or does not fit within the framework of the Strengths Perspective and the Afrocentric Perspective.  
    Research the problem by reading at least three recent articles and interviewing  administrators at your agency in person or virtually. Assess the problem using a practice framework or theory, then provide alternative policy recommendation(s) to address the gaps that you have identified. 3 pages total(cover page, policy memorandum and your reference page): single spaced font size 11 New Times Roman only.
    Reference page must include your articles and interviewed administrators,  
  • 1 full-page memorandum( single-spaced font size 11 New Times Roman only) ,
  • Your cover page
  • and reference page APA Format( must include your articles and interviewed administrators) ,  


Current Social Work Practice Models:

Problem Solving – The problem solving model focuses on understanding the
problem, brainstorming possible solutions, having the client pick a solution,
having the client try out a solution and then evaluating how the solution worked.

Task-Centered – This model focuses on breaking down the problem into small
tasks that the client can accomplish.  The social worker may use rehearsal,
deadlines, and contracts, in order to help the client feel successful and motivated
towards solving the problem. 

Solution – Focused – This model starts with the solution and then helps the client
establish the steps that will lead to the solution.  This model is the one that uses
the miracle question to help clients envision the future that they want to obtain. 

Narrative – This model uses letters and other methods to help the client re-author
their lives.   For a more in-depth explanation I suggest a very short user-friendly
book titled, “What is Narrative Therapy?” by Alice Morgan (2000)

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