Social and mobile marketing and business 1)research, 2)analysis &

 1,700-2,000 Words


  1. What is Cybercrime?
  2. What are the functions of the European Cybercrime Centre?
  3. What is cybercrime-as-a-service, and how can it be combatted?
  4. What Government department is responsible for monitoring and reporting on cybercrime in Australia?
  5. List and describe the current eCommerce Security issues.
  6. Is it possible to have a 100% guaranteed secure eCommerce system? (justify you answer)
  7. To identify a targeted level of security what might you consider and why?
  8. List and describe the six key dimensions to e-commerce security.
  9. Discuss the issues and tensions related to implementing very high security mechanisms on an eCommerce site and social values?
  10. What are the key point of vulnerability in the physical and software eCommerce environment?
  11. List and describe the most common and damaging forms of security threats to eCommerce consumers and site operators?
  12. Describe encryption.
  13. Describe SSL/TLS.
  14. What is a VPN and how does it work?
  15. How might you protect networks?
  16. Do operating system have features to help with security (discuss)?
  17. The development and implementation of a security plan will be paramount to the security of your eCommerce site, describe the major feature of a security plan and its implementation?
  18. Search the Web and see if you can identify Australian Laws that might help the tracking and policing of eCommerce criminals (explain what you have found)?
  19. List and describe the most common forms of eCommerce payment systems?
  20. List the five parties involved in an online credit card purchase.
  21. Describe how you might go about setting your eCommerce site up to accept Credit card purchases.
  22. Describe how an online credit card transaction works.
  23. Discuss the difference between Digital Cash and Virtual Currency.


  1. What is a business model and how is it used to guide a business to success?
  2. Describe and discuss the key elements of a business model?
  3. How does a business plan relate to a business model?
  4. Why is capital so important to a start-up?
  5. List as many sources of capital as you can?
  6. Why is crowdfunding problematic to and what is changing to improve the situation?
  7. List and describe the main B2C eCommerce Business Models?
  8. Discuss how revenue models relate to the business model.List and describe the main B2C eCommerce Business Models?
  9. Describe what a Private Network is.Can eCommerce change industry structures and if so how?
  10. What is a Value Chain?
  11. What is a Value Chain Analysis and how is it used to inform Management?
  12. What are Firm Value Webs and how can they improve value chain efficiency?
  13. What are business strategies and how are they used to promote success?
  14. Describe and discuss the five generic strategies that might be used to realise profit?
  15. What are Disruptive Technologies and what are the four general stages of the disruption process?


  1. Discuss the growth rates of eCommerce consumer relative to different regions and stages of development.
  2. Discuss the usage statistics for different demographics groups and why it is important to know.
  3. Do any of your potential customers NOT use broadband, if so why is this important to your marketing?
  4. Is price the only thing you might consider when marketing your product or service (discuss)?
  5. Why is it important to understand the Five stages in the consumer decision making process?
  6. Do online marketing activities have anything to do with offline sales (discuss)?
  7. Are “Big Ticket” items often bought online (discuss)?
  8. Describe eCommerce shoppers and why their habits might be important.
  9. Describe and discuss the two most important customer factors in generating online sales?
  10. What are the key difference between online and offline marketing techniques?
  11. Discuss multi-channel marketing and its importance.
  12. Which part of your marketing plan should you focus on first?
  13. What should the firms Web site be used for?
  14. Describe and discuss some important marketing and advertising tools you might use to attract eCommerce customers.
  15. What are the pros and cons of email marketing and how might you go about conducting an email campaign?
  16. Describe Affiliate, Viral and Lead generating marketing.
  17. What is social marketing and why do you thin it is so effective?
  18. Is multi channel marketing effective, support your argument?
  19. Is customer retention important and why?
  20. Do all customer’s want the cheapest price (discuss)?
  21. Describe the demand curve and why it is important.
  22. How do web transaction logs, cookies and databases relate to eCommerce marketing?
  23. What is Big Data and what are some of its advantages and disadvantages?
  24. You have just launched an online marketing campaign, how might you go about measuring its success?
  25. Discuss CPC and CPA.
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