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 Find a video about one of the following three general topics:

  • Speech anxiety
  • Delivery of a speech
  • Persuasion within a presentation

Once you have found the video, address the following in your initial post, using the provided headings to format your post:

  • Title
    • (The general topic you selected)
  • Summary
    • (Begin by introducing your video. Next, share the main points. Finally, identify the helpful take-aways.)
  • Helpful to Others
    • (Use this section to write a persuasive paragraph that is designed to motivate your classmates to view your video and use the information for their presentation. This is where you should include your reference to the textbook.)
  • Helpful to Self
    • (Explain how you are going to apply the video’s information to your own PowerPoint.)
  • References
    • (Cite your references for your video and the textbook here in APA format.)

Rely to Brianna


Delivery of a speech


     The video I’ve chosen for this discussion, “How to Deliver a Perfect Speech,” is narrated by Jane Boston, a voice tutor at the Central School of Speech and Drama, and Matthew Alexander performs the scenes. Alexander plays out both examples of good and poor speech delivery in the video, which offers advice for students on how to give a perfectly smooth speech. Various pointers are provided in the video, including advice on how to make eye contact with the attendees as well as use body language to enable them to feel more connected to you, how to avoid waving your finger at the audience, and unneeded fist pounding during table conversations, how to maintain your posture wide instead of narrow, how to avoid using the words “umm,” “erm,” and “ahh,” and ways to avoid fading out towards the end of a sentence.

Helpful to Others

     Students will benefit greatly from watching this video because it will make it easier to recognize and put into practice some fundamental speech delivery techniques that are frequently disregarded by speakers. The video offers general advice for students and individuals, but it also demonstrates how to put the advice into practice. The actor in the video is very skilled at both applying the best speech delivery practices and playing the role of a poor speaker. Everyone who watches this video with their classmates will likely comprehend the advice given and use it in their speeches. “An individual with excellent communication skills is an asset to every organization. No matter what career you plan to pursue, learning to express yourself professionally in speech and in writing will help you get there” (McLean 2018, p.13).

Helpful to Self

     The video will assist me in developing a brief, unambiguous, and to-the-point speech for my own PowerPoint presentation. Throughout the video, a tip is given for avoiding “umms and erms” and fading at the end of a sentence since these signs point to a situation in which there is nothing to say. The audience will be able to comprehend what I am saying, and the sentences will be clear if I make my points brief and straightforward in to avoid that.


McLean Scott, (2018). Exploring interpersonal communication (2nd ed.) Boston, MA: Flatworld

The Royal Family Channel. (March 9, 2011). How to deliver a perfect speech . YouTube.

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