Select a social issue or problem of your choice and discuss (i.e.,

Part A. Describe the social problem or issue you have selected and explain the reasons behind your selection (i.e., Why does that issue interest you or is important to you?). Cite sources or provide web-links to your story. (Length: At least 300 words)

Discuss or analyze the social problem or issue separately from the structural-functional, social conflict and symbolic interaction perspectives. Please pay attention to the following and consider them as the key rubrics or criteria that your response will be graded on.

  1. Discuss the issue you have selected from the three perspectives (i.e., structural-functional, social conflict and symbolic interaction) independently/separately.
  2. State the assumptions of the theory you intend to apply or discuss them explicitly (i.e., Conflicts are considered to be normative in society and social relationships according to the social conflict theory.)
  3. Apply the assumptions to interpret or analyze your social issue.
  4. Use at least 300 words on EACH perspective
  5. Use the American Sociological Association (ASA) citation format ( to cite sources if references are used.
  6. Indicate the word count at the end of your response.
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