Rhetorical analysis memo assignment | English homework help

Do the Rhetorical Analysis of the (Start Simple with My Plate Today) document attached below and write a MEMO. Follow the rubric.

2 FULL PAGES, single-spaced, before and after spacing should be set ‘0’. Use MLA/APA format.

While writing make sure you use NINE  “Measures of Excellence in Technical Documents”. Must see it is attached below. Use professional language but don’t sound like a dictionary try to be ‘moderate formal’ and avoid slang and jargon.

There are 2 sample memos posted to help you guide. The memo should look exactly like the sample but do not copy the whole. 

Avoid directly copying any of the wording or organization from the student sample. 

Avoid using the second person “you” or “your”. Though this memo is addressed to me, assume that it’s a document that could be shared at a meeting or with others interested in your topic.

Questions to consider while writing Rhetorical Analysis: Must see the attached document. 

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