Review the learning resources pertaining

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the Learning Resources pertaining to resume writing.
  • Review the Walden Career Center tools and resources for resume writing.
  • Reflect upon your education and professional experiences and personal strengths.

Develop a professionally written and formatted 1– to 2–page resume for a job in the health field. The Walden University SkillsFirst platform can be a helpful resource in writing your resume.

One of the most important tools in your job-seeking tool-box is a professional resume. A resume offers potential employers a snapshot into who you are and what you can do. Professional resumes should be concise (no more than one page, front and back), formatted for easy reading, and focused on your strengths. The Walden Career Center includes tools and resources that can help you perfect your resume and better prepare for your job search.

For this Assignment, you will continue your focus on reaching your career goals by crafting a resume. The purpose of a resume is not to get a job, but to get an interview. A well-prepared, professional resume will open the door for you to network and create a brand for yourself.

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