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 In this assignment, you will select a publicly-traded company to calculate financial ratios and write a research paper based on your ratio analysis. 

The first part of this assignment is to construct a spreadsheet of all the ratios from Chapter 14 for a publicly-traded company you have chosen to research. You will calculate the last 3 years for your company and the previous 3 years for a primary competitor for each ratio.   

The second part of the assignment is to write a research paper based on your ratio analysis. Your paper should be a minimum of 1,000 words and include an analysis of the ratios, trends, and comparisons to your competitor and the industry. The paper requires the use of at least five scholarly sources.  

Make Sure Follow Grading Rubric:

 *Paper provides an excellent overview of the selected industry/company, defines basic nationwide macroeconomic indicators, addresses time series data for the last 10 to 15 years, and addresses time series data for firm level indicators. 

* Paper provides a detailed comparison of the nationwide indicators and firm-level indicators; explains whether current economic conditions are more consistent with the Keynesian or classical economic theories. 

* Paper summarizes the impact of the macro-environment and the relationship among inflation, unemployment, and the business cycle on the selected industry/company. Provides an excellent evaluation of the impact of past and current fiscal policies, monetary policies on the economy, and on the selected industry/company. 

 *Paper follows APA style and does not contain any grammatical errors or typos. 

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