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Act as a team member preparing the RFP to send to the chosen vendors, your assignment should include the following:

A.    A brief introduction identifying the type of technology or system you are seeking.

B.    Prepare a written overview of your healthcare organization for the vendor, and include:

1.     A description of your environment to include services and/or programs offered

2.     Key statistics (e.g. inpatient discharges and/or outpatient visits for the most recent fiscal year or any other statistics that may be applicable to the project)

3.     Major information systems already in use including any information systems related to the purchase of this technology (since an interface may be required)

4.     A brief description of departments that will use the technology you plan to purchase

5.     Any projects underway at your facility that may be related to the purchase of this technology (e.g. purchasing a document imaging system in conjunction with the implementation of an Electronic Health Record (EHR)

6.     Any other information that may help the vendor to better understand your organization

C.    Prepare the scoring tool that your organization will use to compare technologies from the vendors you are choosing between. The tool must include:

1.     Functional requirements which are details about how you want the technology to perform to make your work process as efficient as possible; also called end-user requirements

2.     Technical requirements which should address:

1. The technology’s platform

2.  Interfacing requirements

3. HIPAA security requirements

4. Back-up/recovery requirements

5. Any other technology-related requirements that must be addressed

3.     Description of the method of scoring the technologies against each other.

D.    Provide a concluding statement summarizing this project.

E.    Identify a minimum of two credible vendors for the technology that you have chosen and state your rationale for selecting these vendors.  These will be the two vendors to which you are theoretically sending the RFP.   

1.     Provide information on the vendor background, generally from the vendor website.  Examples of information that may be obtained include:

§  Number of years in business

§  Annual sales (in $)

§  Percent of revenue used for Research and Development

§  Number of clients using the vendor’s system

§  List of clients that may be used as references (as appropriate)

*You do not need to call the vendor for information; obtain what you can from other sources.

2.     Using the “KLAS” database, compare 3-5 performance indicators of your choice on each vendor identified and document the comparison.  Explore the overall scores, report card and trending data, any awards received, how they compare with competitors, etc.  Compare and contrast, and discuss and analyze your findings.  If KLAS does not have information on your vendor, please make note of that.

F.    Assignment Logistical Requirements:

a.     Submit final Literature Review document separately

RFP Requirements

b.    Paper should be greater than 10 pages, but no more than 20 pages.

c.     It should be doubled spaced

d.    Font:   Times New Roman

e.     Font size: 12

f.     Include a cover page

g.    Include a reference page to list your sources in APA style


Be sure to follow the Grading Rubric as you develop your paper.


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