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There are a lot of reasons why someone may choose to harm someone else, not that any would-be justifiable by any means, but common actions may include “at the heat of the moment” and impulse, revenge, or even PTSD. Abreu et al (2017) emphasize previous studies, revealing that up to 96% of mentally ill offenders at the time of the homicide, experienced psychiatric symptoms. Abreu et al (2017) continue to share that there is an association between schizophrenia/delusional disorder or mood disorders (bipolar disorder/major depression) and homicide. Combating the problem of people killing only one time is difficult because, in a way, any trigger can set them off, even without mental health or psychological problems such as road rage or a heated discussion.

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Mass murderers and/or serial killers are those who kill three or more people. If someone kills one person, they would not be considered a “serial killer”. However, according to the state statute where the crime was committed, the perpetrator could be charged with first degree murder, second degree murder, or manslaughter. The motive or reason for someone who murders someone can be due to many factors; for example, a domestic violence dispute or catching a significant other with someone else. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are depressed or suffering with psychosis, but the perpetrator may be struggling with anger management or always wanting to take control in a relationship. On the other hand, when someone is a serial killer doing mass killing, that may be a cause due to mental illness(es). According to the Treatment Advocacy Center (2018), “it appears that at least one third of mass killings are carried out by individuals with untreated serious mental illness, even when narrowly defined” (p. 1). I believe that there is a correlation with people who abuse drugs and have a mental illness may cause mass murdering. According to the Treatment Advocacy Center (2018), “The most comprehensive survey of mass homicides in the 20th century reported 73 such killings from 1990 to 1999. In 2017, nearly one incident meeting the federal government’s definition of “mass shooting” occurred each day” (p. 1). The right question should be as to why the mass murdering has been increasing since the 1980s. I can stipulate that it may have to do with adverse childhood experiences like trauma and abuse. Then that may lead someone to abuse drugs, get addicted, and develop a mental illness. According to the Treatment Advocacy Center (2018), a psychoanalyst by the name of Michael F. Stone, PhD, predicted that “it is not surprising that most of the mass murderers in his study were diagnosed with antisocial, psychopathic, narcissistic or paranoid personality disorder” (p. 2).

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There are limited options when it comes to serious and sometimes violent crimes such as murder, treason and a few others. These crimes are considered Capital crimes and in the United States there are only two types of sentencing for them; life without parole and the death penalty. I could not find any alternative punishments for these crimes for the US but in the Caribbean, alternatives are being considered. The three options being considered instead of the death penalty are listed below:

1. A mandatory sentence of life imprisonment, with the possibility of review of sentence

2. A “whole life” term, also referred to as life without parole, or LWOP

3. A discretionary sentence, which affords a judge power to suggest either minimum terms or to impose a “whole life” sentence

The article states that these options are being considered because so many people that are sentenced to death wait years and never get executed. With these three options they would at least be sentenced and not sitting in the legal process for years on end (Seal, 2023).

The punishment for taking a life is harsh because there aren’t many options to punish someone who took a life. How do you explain to the victims family that they are rehabilitated and would never be at risk of doing it again after a short 10 year sentence? How do you know they would never do it again? There are so many things to consider when someone commits a violent act and it’s very hard to know what a human is capable of doing when they are faced with the same environment and maybe the same circumstances again. Punishments are supposed to be fair for the crime committed. I’m unsure of what is more fair than taking the life or condemning a life of someone that took another persons from them. We condemn old buildings that are unsafe, put dogs to sleep that bite people even if the person is not seriously injured but debate how humane punishing a person that commits murder is. Society is very confusing and there will never be a solution that everyone approves of.

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