Reflect on the boundary , this time from the perspective of the


reflect on the boundary , this time from the perspective of the supervisor of the counselor that committed the boundary violation. Refer to the ethical complaint and consent agreement you selected for that Discussion and consider the potential course of action an ethical supervisor should take to address the boundary violation.

  • Post a description of how the supervisor should address the supervisee’s knowledge and/or skill deficit (i.e., what should the supervisee have known or been able to do that he or she did not do that resulted in a boundary violation, and how can the supervisor help the supervisee acquire the deficient knowledge or skill?).
  • Then explain the evaluation and gatekeeping practices the supervisor should use and implement.
  • Lastly, identify and describe a self-care strategy that could be used to minimize burnout and impairment, two issues often correlated with ethical violations.


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Description of Supervisor Addressing Supervisee’s Skill Deficit

In last week’s discussion forum, violations of ethical and legal standards were discussed. The licensee used in last week’s discussion had her license revoked for engaging in non-counseling relationships with clients and the lack of proper documentation. The supervisor’s position in the counseling profession is no new concept. Supervision has been apart of counseling since the beginning of the career. In the licensee’s case, administrative supervision would have been most helpful. Administrative supervision’s purpose is to ensure that employed counselors are correctly performing their jobs (Remley & Herlihy, 2020). The licensee should have gone to her supervisor and expressed how she wanted to help her clients outside of counseling. The supervisor would have explained to the licensee what she could have done with her ethical and legal rights. This violation could have prevented the licensee from engaging in a non-counseling relationship with those clients. In the ACA Codes of Ethics (2014), section F.1.a explains how supervisors have a fundamental duty to monitor the services provided by their supervisees. Supervisors observe the clients’ welfare and their supervisee’s professional development. Dealing with the licensee’s lack of session notes and other documentation, the supervisor should have regularly asked to see the licensee’s clinical notes. 

Evaluation and Gatekeeping Practices

Supervisees have the right to a fair evaluation from their supervisors. Supervisors give their supervisees evaluation periodically, continuous feedback, along with the opportunity to improve skill deficiencies (Remley & Herlihy, 2020). This licensee’s supervisor should have addressed her skill deficiencies and gave her time and assistance to correct them. Gatekeeping is also a responsibility for supervisors in the counseling profession. A supervisor has only to endorse supervisees for graduation from a training program that can provide effective counseling services (Remley & Herlihy, 2020). If the licensee showed incompetence after graduation, the supervisor should have provided support until shown otherwise. 

Self-Care Strategies 

Self-care is essential in the profession. Burnout can occur at any time when self-care is being practiced regularly. Over time I have realized that self-care comes in a variety of ways. Practicing self-care doesn’t have to be extravagant; it could be a simple as taking a nap whenever you feel like it. Small amounts of indulgences have helped me tremendously throughout this year. For example, when I get my nails done, I get the deluxe pedicure with the hot stone massage. Practicing in a hobby is a strategy of self-care. Recently I started loom knitting again; I dabbled in the hobby back in elementary. Self-care can help so many counselors now and in the future. It’s a necessary and excellent tool in this profession. 


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