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Please choose ONE question to answer from the discussion questions provided for each chapter. The
expected length of this assignment is 1/2-1 pages, double-spaced. Each assignment is graded as complete
or incomplete.

Chapter 1
Understanding Learning as the Core Business of School
1. What would/does “making learning the core business of school” look like in your school or district?
What would need to change? Is there a “small win” you can identify?
2. Who are the current learning leaders in your school or district? What is the value of establishing
learning leaders at all levels of an educational organization (vs. just school-level or district-level
3. What steps might your educational community take to develop learning leaders throughout the
4. Describe your “bifocal lens”—your future vision for students vs. present demands. In what ways do
you find yourself moving between these two perspectives?

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