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The advance practice nurse is preparing to examine the role of leadership within a healthcare system. There is a need to demonstrate understanding of the organizational and system leadership from theory to practice. This presentation will examine organizational and systems leadership through the quality improvement (QI) process.  process: hospital acquired pressure injuries

Choose a QI measure for the focus of this presentation and answer the following questions:

  • What is the historical evolution of science and technology in the context of the impact on the practice of leadership in regard to quality improvement.
  • What are two ways that innovation is integrated into healthcare?
  • How does complexity impact the leadership role?
  • Apply principles of systems thinking to your selected QI measure.
  • How would you apply conflict management and conflict resolution principles using leadership practices for implementation of the QI measure?
  • What ways can you use complex communication processes in the healthcare industry to address this QI measure?
  • How can you use emotional competence for the individual and the health care team as it relates to the QI process?
  • How can the leader minimize toxicity in organizations especially when implementing a new QI measure?
  • Apply change management practices and principles to your chosen QI measure.
  • Analyze personal leadership styles through the lens of new learning and develop an ongoing plan for leadership development. 

This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) presentation should be a minimum of 20 slides, including a title and reference slide, with detailed speaker notes on content slides. Use at least four scholarly sources 

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