Psychology infographic assignment psychology apa

This assignment asks you to create an infographic based on the article you selected in Step 1 (Article- Moderating Effect of Mindfulness on PSU on mental health) (and then learned more about in Step 2). You should discuss approximately 3-5 findings from the main article, select a good second quality article and discuss 1-3 findings from there. Don’t forget to include a research limitation from the main article. Cite all your sources and use a little reference list. 

Read more below to help!

Completing the Research Part:

Now you are ready to work on the final part of the assignment.  To build an infographic, you will need a theme or message.  Consider the topic of the article when deciding on a theme.  For this part, you will locate at least one additional credible (scholarly) source that aligns with the topic of the research article you read.  You are encouraged to use scholarly or peer-reviewed resources. For instance, if you look at the example above, the main article assigned was on mindfulness and coloring! The student then went into the library’s databases to find a second peer-reviewed article about coloring and anxiety. 

What is an Infographic?

Great question! In the resource below, you will find a video titled, “What is an infographic,” so be sure to check that out. You’ll also find an abundance of information on that page to help guide your infographic development.

To further assist you, here’s an excellent example from a former student:

Infographic Tools

For this assignment, you are to use free infographic tools only.  The examples used Canva infographic tools.  You can access that resource at the website below. It may take you a little bit of time to get familiar with the process, so be sure to start your efforts well in advance of the deadline. 

I highly recommend using Canva, but others have used these websites as well:

Please Note: You will need to make an account for these various infographic sites, but you do not need to purchase anything to complete the assignment.  All of the tools offer paid subscriptions, but there are plenty of free options for each.  Please use the free option.

This image contains:  Hints and tips for developing your infographic

Remember to review the rubric one more time to make sure you’ve met all the requirements (hint, a lot of students accidentally miss the limitation section!). The rubric is listed just below this description.

You should be a: .pdf, .png, .jpg file (pdf or image file). 

Photo of article is attached 

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