Program in raptor code and pseudocode


Need a Raptor Program and Pseudocode. 




 Price is Negotiable but I need ASAP




Create a text based or GUI menu to perform the following functions


1.       Stopwatch which shows a start and stop time


2.       Fat calorie counter


3.       Food log


a.       Type


b.       Amount


c.       calories


4.       Exercise log per week


a.       Type


b.       Amount


c.       total


5.       Exercise Log per week/month


6.       Exit


The associated code with each menu item should be in modules/procedures to perform the task selected.  The fat calorie counter was the extra credit assigned during class.






create your design in pseudocode and then code a RAPTOR program which generates output to the screenand a text file.  Submit a minimum of three files pseudocode, RAPTOR and Outputm using the following convention filling in the blank of the type filewith the title of the option you choose.


1.     “lastName firstName FINAL Option ___ pseudocode.txt”  (one file)


2.     “lastName firstName FINAL Option ___ RAPTOR.RAP”  (one file)


3.     “lastName firstName FINAL Option ___ output file.txt”  (May be one or multiple files)


4.     Optional Input file(s) -“lastName firstName FINAL Option ___ input file.txt” (May be one or multiple files)


You may program the FINAL RAPTOR program in either procedural or object-oriented style. 


Work on your own.  NO collaboration on the final.  Open book and notes are allowed. 


You may use the bubble sort, swap and search algorithms posted on the discussion board.


Mandatory inclusion:


a.     Block Header comment for each Module which includes main()


a.     Program Name;


b.     Program Description:


c.     Programmer Name:


d.     Revision History:


b.     Use camelCase naming convention when naming variables and Modules


c.     Prompts to user as appropriate with clear instructions, from menu or read from an input file as needed  (Nohardcoding with the exception of an Array size constant or known constants such as PI)


d.     Program should continue (loop) until the user chooses to end the program


e.     Output File


f.      Display to Screen


Bonus worth 5 points if you get it correct.  It does not count against your grade if you do not get it correct.


Develop a test case for the option you chose and deliver it in a spreadsheet format such as Excel or a table with rows and columns (for word) to include all inputs and outputs variable names in the header along with values.


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