Product & distribution channels-shake shack

Product & Distribution Channels (Chapter 9 & 12)

1. Identify your brand- Shake Shack

2. Describe the brand’s product in the following 4 categories.

§  Core product

§  Facilitating product

§  Supporting product

§  Augmented product

3. Identify (list at least 3) the most competitive products of your brand. In other words, which products make your brand stand out? Explain why.

4. Identify (list at least 3) the least competitive products of your brand and explain what can be done to improve its competitiveness. 

5. As the director of new-product development, what are 3 new products you would develop for your brand. Briefly explain why. 

6. Apply the product life cycle to your brand. What are some examples your brand can keep its products from going into the decline stage? List at least 2 examples and include your brief explanation. 

7. List the different types of marketing channels (distribution channels) of the brand by each category. Examples of marketing channels categories are as following but not limited to:

§  Direct booking/Online reservations

§  OTAs (Online Travel Agency)

§  Travel Agents

§  Tour Wholesalers/Wholesalers

§  Tour operators

§  Specialists

§  Delivery/Take outs

§  Food trucks

8. As the director of marketing, what other marketing channels (distribution channels) would you implement for your brand to increase sales? List at least 2 examples and explain why. 

9. What are some ways your brand can increase direct booking rates (for other businesses: direct sales instead of using third parties or other marketing intermediaries) from consumers? List at least 2 examples and explain why (this must be supported with evidence).

10. As the director of marketing, which new city (this new location may be an international city as well) would you choose to franchise your brand? What factors would you consider in choosing cities for test marketing your brand (list at least 2 examples)?

11. Reference list

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