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Harold is a 66-year-old male who presents with chills, a 101° fever, and low back pain. His wife tells you that he has been having leaking of his urine for the past 2 to 3 days, a loss of appetite, and that Tylenol is not helping his back pain. Harold tells you that he feels like he constantly has to have a bowel movement, but he has not had any diarrhea, and does not feel constipated. Discuss what hints you would ask the patient, what physical check elements you would include, what further testing you would want to have performed, differential and working diagnosis, treatment plan, including inclusion of complementary and OTC therapy, referrals and other team members needed to complete patient care  


Final Project: Deconstructing the News

RDG104: Kerry Golde

1. Choose an article to deconstruct. The article should be between 600 and 1200 words. The article must be from a news outlet and must be submitted for my approval. 

2. Create a Google Slide presentation demonstrating the seven steps of deconstruction determining how the article is actionable. 

3. Slides must indicate the following:

Step 1 – summarize article and determine whether the story matches the headline. 

Step 2 – provide evidence that the reporter “opened the freezer.” 

Step 3 – use the I’M Vain chart and its criteria to place value on each source in article.

Step 4 – establish transparency within the article.

Step 5 – what context is given or what context is missing?

Step 6 – is the article fair or bias? Give examples.

Step 7 – is the article/story actionable news?  

Presentations will be due the last day of the semester. 

Step 1. Assume that General Motors (GM) will merge with Ford Motor Company so that GM will be the surviving company.

● Note: Ignore accounting standards (they are quite complicated) and legal requirements (such as anti-trust laws).

Step 3. Create an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document with a table in which you have the following four columns. You can copy and paste this information into the spreadsheet or table and add across the columns. 

Step 4. Do the same as you did in Step 3, but for the income statements of GM and Ford. You can copy and paste this information into the spreadsheet and add across the four columns.

Step 5. Perform a ratio and vertical analysis of the balance sheet and income statement of the combined company for the Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Debt/Equity Ratio, and Return on Equity. Calculate the weighted average cost of capital for the new firm using the assumptions from Module 3.

How Expensive Are You? —The Cost of a Human Body

Biologically, how much are you worth? The answer to this question varies depending on your perspective. At the most basic level, 12 elements comprise 99% of the human body—with 95% of the body composed of the elements oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. How much would it cost to purchase the basic building blocks of your body? The elements that make up the human body can be purchased in purified, laboratory-grade forms from supply companies. These companies provide the chemicals to research laboratories that manufacture biological molecules. The current price of these elements for a typical adult is approximately $3,000-$4,000. 

However, to make a human body, each of those elements must be chemically bonded to other elements to produce the complex biological molecules of life (proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids). Using sophisticated laboratory equipment, highly trained scientists can synthesize these complex biological molecules from basic elemental building blocks, just like your body does. What is the cost of these biological molecules when purchased in the quantities found in the human body? Many millions of dollars! 

The Human Body

Element % Composition

Carbon (C) 18.0

Hydrogen (H) 9.0

Oxygen (O) 65.0

Nitrogen (N) 3.0

Sulfur (S) 0.3

Calcium (Ca) 1.5

Phosphorous (P) 1.0

Potassium (K) 0.4

Chlorine (Cl) 0.2

Magnesium (Mg) 0.05

Sodium (Na) 0.2

Interactive Discussion Activity: How Expensive Are You? 

1. Researchers have reported advances in their attempts to synthesize life from scratch in a test-tube—bringing non-living matter to life. In the lab, they have been able to produce ‘protocells’ from fatty molecules that can spontaneously trap pieces of nucleic acids that possess the code for replication and metabolism. With continued progress, protocells may be synthesized that form self-replicating, evolving system that satisfy the conditions of life.

2. Reflect and discuss on the broader significance of this work. What objections might be raised about this line of research?

3. How do you consider your worth?

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