Preschool importance of play (kee)


To create a poster which describes the benefits of play during childhood and to evaluate your poster.

As the director of an early education  center, you know the many reasons it is important for children to have a  play-filled curriculum. However, as you work with your teachers, you  realize that they struggle to articulate the reasons play is important.  You decide to create a poster which presents the reasons play is  important at different stages of development, and you decide to address  this for 3-year-olds.

Instructions and Rubric for Chapter Scenario: 

Focus Assignment: 

Create a poster that lists and describes three reasons play is  important for a 3-year-old-child. Be descriptive in your reasoning,  clearly articulating your rationale within the body of the poster. 


1. For each item of your poster, explain how this guideline addresses the issues in the scenario (40 points).

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