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 This week we learned about the differences in leadership, emotional intelligence, and  power in each individual. For this assignment, you will use information from research  about David McClelland’s Need for Power to write  about different types of  power and how power can be used.  Instructions: • Research David McClelland’s Need for Power, socialized power and  personalized power. • In your own words, explain the two types of power.  • Include examples of how each type of power was used by a leader. o You can use examples you personally witnessed, or examples from a  current or historical business and/or a social or political figure.  • Also discuss how you have used both types of power in your career or life  experiences.  Requirements: • Develop a clear introduction with a thesis, a body, and a conclusion. Focus on  quality of writing, as opposed to length. • Research and include at least one additional, credible reference from an outside  source pertaining to the leader you chose.  

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