Pm8 | Management homework help

This unit forms part of the following qualification:
BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Task – Unit Project 5
Project Portfolio Template 9
Section 1: Planning the digital strategy review 9
Section 2: Collecting digital strategy review information 12
Section 3: Report finalisation 15

Training and assessment resources required for this unit of competency

The student will have access to the following:

· Learner Guide

· Self Study Guide

· PowerPoint presentation

· Assessments

The resources required for these assessment tasks also include:

· Access to a computer, the Internet and word-processing system such as MS Word

· An operational business environment to implement the learning plan

· Computer technology and documentation as required

· Codes of practice and standards issued by government regulators or industry groups

Submission instructions

· Your trainer/assessor will confirm assessment submission details for each assessment task.

· Refer to the learning material for this unit and undertake additional independent research if needed.

· To complete this task satisfactorily, provide satisfactory answers to all questions in your own words, as instructed.

Relevant Legislation

· Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986

· Age Discrimination Act 2004

· Disability Discrimination Act 1992

· Racial Discrimination Act 1975

· Sex Discrimination Act 1984

· The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)

· Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 – Applicable in Victoria

· Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Assessment task description

· This is the second (2) unit assessment task you have to successfully complete to be deemed competent in this unit of competency.

· This assessment task is comprised of a unit project.

· You must attempt all criteria to the required level, e.g. Assessment criteria mentioned in the performance checklist to be deemed satisfactory in this task.

· You will receive your feedback within two weeks – you will be notified by your Trainer/Assessor when results are available.

Applicable conditions

· This project is untimed except role-plays and conducted as an open book test (this means students can refer to textbooks or other learner materials during the test).

· You must complete the task independently.

· No marks or grades are allocated for this assessment task. The outcome of the task will be Satisfactory, Reassessment or Not Satisfactory.

· Trainer /Assessor must assess student’s practical skills, technique and knowledge as he/she complete this assessment task.

· The trainer/assessor may ask student relevant questions on this assessment task to ensure that this is his/her own work.

Further assessment instructions can be found in your Assessment Overview Document available on My Campus.


Develop a plan for review of digital strategy

Collect digital strategy review information

Discuss review findings

Finalise report

Submit your completed Project Portfolio

Complete this section
prior to your presentation.

Complete this section
prior to the meeting.

Complete this section
following the presentation.

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