Pc help desk support – 3 assignments

Assignment one:

A Texas law firm with 75 attorneys, 35 paralegals, 50 administrative assistants with networked and Internet access throughout five cities determines that it should implement a new Help Desk department to resolve internal IT problems. Create a RFP (Request for Proposal) on how your organization would organize and operate this help desk. Include any URLs for websites that are referenced.

Once you have read the case study completely, explain what you feel would be the best practices to implement in this new help desk department. Your response must be between 250-500 words. Essays not meeting this limitation will not be awarded full points. Be succinct but thorough in your essay.

Assignment two:

Columbia Watercraft is a manufacturing and distribution facility for fiberglass pleasure boats. Several workers here who have Internet access on their desktop computers have complained recently in a user’s group meeting about the amount of unwanted email they recieve on their tablet pcs. Lucky Falk wants you to reasearch ways to deal with the number of unwanted emails to improve productivity. The less spam emails received, the less time Columbia’s workers have to spend reading and deleting them.

-Research whether any spam management tools exist in the email system that Columbia’s workers could use help to filter out spam and email messages

-reasearch whether any softare utility programs are available at no or low cost that Columbia’s workers could use to help filter out spam messages.

-write a one to two page document tagetted at end users at Columbia Watercraft that responds to their need to reduce or eliminate spam messages.


Assignment 3:

Plan, prepare, and present a training module on the topic:

“How to install an internal or external CD or DVD drive in a pc”

It should include the following:


Analyze job skills required

Analyze the trainees

Assess the needs of the trainees

Set training objectives


Select and organize training content

Sleect training methods, techniques, and aids

Prepare training module

Decide how to evaluate training


Present training module

Evaluate the training


Renew and revise training materuals and methods as necessary

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