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paper one 

 Please  answer  each  question thoroughly.  Research must  be done  where  applicable.
Your  grade  is contingent upon  the  in-depthness  of the  responses  given. The
minimum/maximum length  of this  paper  is four  pages.  Restate  each  question  and
attach this  paper  after  your  title  page. Failure to do so will result  in  lower  grade.

1. Explain the impact of the recent hurricanes/disasters to the import/export system.
2.         You have a manufacturer company that produces tennis shoes (XYZ Company).
You have decided that you will like to market your product to Indonesia. Determine the
differences in attitude, values, and norms; relationship with the U.S. regarding business
operations, and how to alleviate any barriers that may exist in doing business with your
3. You are the CEO of a cough syrup company (666 Cough Syrup). Taking into
consideration the legal and political system, the cultural barriers and the language
barriers, how would you market your cough syrup to China? Give specific details on
marketing, promotion, distribution, and packaging. 

paper two 

 1. China  is the largest  country  in the world. You are thinking  about  marketing  your
product  in their country.  Your information  must be current  (NLT  2008).  You are to
conduct  a COMPARATIVE  ANALYSIS  between  China and the United  States.   You  are
to determine  the population  of China,  the mean  gross income, the gross  national  product
(GNP).  It is suggested  that you display  your information in a table  format, however  do
not forget  to cite your source
2. Choose two countries  from  Africa and two countries  from Asia. Conduct  a
COMPARTATIVE  ANALYSIS  with inflation  rates, interest  rates, exchange  rates in
comparison  with the United States., discuss  the economic  system  of these countries,
whether  they are mixed  economies,  etc, discuss  the economic  slowdown  and  what factors
could  have contributed  to it, discuss  whether  economies  are moving  towards  private
ownership  and how.
3. You are the owner  of a tennis shoe  company.  Taken into  consideration  all of  the
issues  presented  in question  2, would  you expand  your  market to the four  countries in
question  2?  If so, what steps would  you take  relating to political  policies, legal
environment, behavioral  practices,  and economic  environment  to gain access. 

paper three

 1.  One of the Eastern  Bloc  countries  has resulted in a transition  from  a command
economy  to a market  economy.   Explain  the process, incentives,  decontrols  Hungarian’s
government  has/had to put in place  to transition  to a market economy.  How  long  you
think  this process  will take? As a manager,  at what stage would  you  try  to  market  your
product/service  to this country?  Explain.
2. With  regards to the various  agreements/treaties discussed:  EU,  WTO, NAFTA,
CARICOM, APEC,  MERCOSUR,  discuss  any pending  applications,
advantages/implications for trade  with the US and  determine  the  mean  GNP  or GNI. 

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