Need help with speech class exams (multiple choice) questions

Question 1     
      Dialogue is a strategy for creating personification in a speech.

    a. True
    b. False

Question 2     
      Your presentation outline should be limited to key words, except in the introduction and conclusion.

    a. True
    b. False

Question 3  
      The preparation outline should be prepared first The presentation outline should be created after the preparation outline is complete.

    a. True
    b. False

Question 4
      Because issues in the public forum have become more complex, the grand style is used much more often nowadays than the middle style or the plain style.

    a. True
    b. False

Question 5
      Explicitly stating your purpose in the introduction is particularly appropriate when you have a captive audience.

    a. True
    b. False

Question 6
      In a preparation outline, all Roman numeral and capital letter points should be stated in complete sentences.

    a. True
    b. False

Question 7
      Vividness makes a speech more interesting and also easier to understand. Of the following resources, which helps to create vividness in a speech?

        a. references to hypothetical people
        b. personification
        c. comparisons
        d. stories
        e. all of these

Question 8
      Which of the following is a strategy that promotes clarity in a speech?

        a. word economy
        b. metaphor
        c. repetition
        d. stories
        e. personification

Question 9
      Citing statistics in the introduction works best when:

        a. they are drawn from a national survey.
        b. they are rounded off.
        c. they contradict beliefs commonly held by the listeners.
        d. they confirm beliefs commonly held by the listeners.
        e. they are accompanied by visual aids.

Question 10
      The most effective introductions are prepared in outline form.


Question 11
      A speaker’s voice creates an impression in the listeners’ minds even before his or her physical appearance does.


Question 12
      An outline is too broad and unfocused if it has more than ________ levels of development.

    a. two
    b. three
    c. four
    d. five
    e. six

Question 13
      Which of the following is a strategy for preparing a conclusion?

        a. ask a rhetorical question
        b. tell a story
        c. write the conclusion first
        d. practice the conclusion
        e. leave the listeners wanting more

Question 14  
      One function of a conclusion is to:

        a. establish rapport with the audience.
        b. build identification with the audience.
        c.summarize the main ideas.
        d. state the purpose.
        e. influencing the audience to view the end of the speech favorably.

Question 15
      The preparation outline is helpful to the speaker in identifying points which have insufficient evidence.


Question 16
      A speaking outline should contain detailed stage directions to help the speaker plan every detail of his or her delivery.


Question 17
      Irony and ambiguity, strategically used, help to create clarity in a speech.


Question 18
      A speaker should write out the content of supporting materials on a separate note card when:

        a. the supporting material is not simple enough to remember.
        b. the speaker forgot to include the support in the preparation outline.
        c. there is a podium available to hold the extra notecards.
        d. there are extra cards after preparing the main and supporting points.
        e. the speaker cannot find the right key words for the supporting material.

Question 19
      The presentation outline is simple and brief, using key words to prompt the speaker.

    a. True
    b. False

Question 20
      Delivery skills are so important that practicing them and using them should be considered an end in itself.

    a. True
    b. False

Question 21  
      Gloria concluded her speech about sexual harassment by saying, “We must all be willing to confront sexual harassment wherever we encounter it, whether it be in the classroom, the boardroom, in our homes, or at work.” This remark constitutes what type of conclusion?

    a. a utopian vision
    b. a challenge to the audience
     c. a summary
    d. a quote
    e. a personal reference

Question 22
      When opening a speech with a story, the speaker must make sure that the story is true and verifiable.

    a. True
    b. False

Question 23
      Your presentation outline should identify supporting materials by using:

        a. complete sentences.
        b. key words.
        c. footnotes.
        d. a full text of all evidence.
        e. nothing, evidence should not appear in the presentation outline.

Question 24
      Student speakers often find that the ten-minute speech they practiced at home only takes six minutes to deliver in class. This probably occurs because stress causes a speaker’s rate to increase.

    a. True
    b. False

Question 25
      Checking for proper subordination ensures that:

    a. the claims in the outline are precise and clear.
    b. the purpose of the speech is appropriate to the situation.
    c. the main points are parallel in importance.
    d. the sentences are complete.
    e. the supporting material is relevant to the idea it supports

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