Need a physical /earth science lab assignment completed by 8/13/2016

Weather and Flooding Lab Report

PHSC 1001C: Earth Science


Name: _________________________

Date: __________________________

Instructor _______________________


Purpose: To observe weather and research the impact of weather in your local area.


Part 1: Weather


1. Gather and record weather data for at least three days this week. To gather this data, you may use a weather website, your local news, or measure values on your own.


Fill out the following table with data that you have collected:


Sky Conditions (cloudy, clear, etc)


2. Based on your data, are there any relationships between high temperature, low temperature, average wind speed, and rainfall? Explain these relationships if they exist, or explain why no relationships do not exist.




4. Use a reliable weather website to research the average high and low temperatures and inches of rainfall for this time of year at your location:


Location and Time of Year


5. Was the weather this week typical for this time of year at your location? Why or why not?


6. Use a weather website or news source to find a weather map for your local region.

a. Describe what you see on the map.

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