Most knowledge workers require specialized knowledge work systems,

Online Exam 6

Question 1

All of the following managerial roles can be supported by information systems EXCEPT:

Question options:




resource allocator.

Question 2

Which of the following statements best describes the term business intelligence?

Question options:

The infrastructure for collecting and managing business data

The tools and techniques used to analyze and understand business data

Software developed exclusively for business management

Information systems involved in business decision making

Question 3

Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between collaboration and knowledge management?

Question options:

Without knowledge, collaboration is difficult.

Knowledge doesn’t exist without collaboration.

Knowledge is useful only when shared with others.

As knowledge increases, so does collaboration.

Question 4

Most knowledge workers require specialized knowledge work systems, but they also rely on:

Question options:

office systems.

schools and universities.

imaging systems.

data transferring systems.

Question 5

In content management, once a taxonomy is developed, documents must then be __________ with the proper classification.

Question options:





Question 6

Which of the following are most likely to rely primarily on the drill-down functionality of BI for their decision-making needs?

Question options:

IT developers

Middle managers

Operational employees

Business analysts

Question 7

Which of the following is NOT one of the Simon’s four stages of decision-making?

Question options:





Question 8

To automate routine tasks to help firms search for and filter information for use in electronic commerce and supply chain management a firm would most likely use:

Question options:

CAD systems.

virtual reality systems.

fuzzy logic systems.

intelligent agents.

Question 9


Question options:

require a small number of attendees in order to maintain high levels of productivity.

enable increasing a meeting size without reducing productivity.

include specific procedures for priority ranking the order in which participants can respond.

utilize shared desktop computers to foster collaboration.

Question 10

An essential component in the ability of GDSS to contribute to a collaborative environment is:

Question options:

allowing users to contribute simultaneously.

using structured methods for evaluating ideas.

identifying users informally.

the guarantee of user anonymity.

Question 11

The __________ phase of decision-making finds or recognizes a problem, need, or opportunity.

Question options:





Question 12

Which of the following does NOT describe the dimensions of knowledge in a firm?

Question options:

It is contextual and applicable only in relevant situations.

It is intangible.

It is subject to the laws of diminishing returns.

It is a cognitive event involving mental models.

Question 13

An information system for a building company that tracks construction costs for various projects across the United States would be categorized as a type of:

Question options:





Question 14

Your company wants to develop intelligent techniques to create a “smart” oven that can perfectly cook basic foodstuffs, such as roasts and bread, using sensors and minimal input from the user. The system would know the difference between rare, medium rare, medium, and well-done roasts. The category of intelligent technique that would describe this system is:

Question options:

expert system.

neural network.

case-based reasoning.

fuzzy logic.

Question 15

When managers represent their company in the outside world and perform symbolic duties, they are acting in their __________ role.

Question options:





Question 16

A well-designed ESS will allow management to:

Question options:

create routine production reports as well as view overall business performance.

facilitate group decision-making.

create pivot charts.

track the activities of competitors.

Question 17

Which of the following are most likely to rely primarily on production reports for their decision-making needs?

Question options:

Operational supervisors

Senior managers

Analytic modelers

Business analysts

Question 18

Which of the following statements is NOT an accurate description of the importance of knowledge to a firm?

Question options:

Knowledge experiences network effects as more people share it.

Knowledge should be seen as an intangible key asset.

Knowledge enables firms to become more efficient in their use of scarce resources.

Knowledge is unconditional.

Question 19

Which of the following is NOT one of the six main analytic functionalities of BI systems for helping decision makers understand information and take action?

Question options:

Production reports

Parameterized reports

Business case archives

Forecasts, scenarios, and models

Question 20

Which of the following systems digitizes, indexes, and tags documents according to a coherent framework?

Question options:


Document management



Online Exam 7

Question 21

End user development:

Question options:

allows end users to create complex information systems.

increases the time and steps required to produce a finished application when compared to professional development.

allows ends users to easily access data, create reports, and develop simple applications.

requires more time to develop systems.

Question 22

Which type of planning tool shows each task as a horizontal bar whose length is proportional to the time required to complete it?

Question options:

PERT chart

Gantt chart

Organizational chart

Accounting chart

Question 23

To show each level of a system’s design, its relationship to other levels, and its place in the overall design structure, structured methodologies use:

Question options:

structure charts.

Gantt and PERT charts.

process specifications.

data flow diagrams.

Question 24

Which of the following is NOT a tangible benefit of information systems?

Question options:

Reduced rate of growth in expenses

Lower computer expenses

Improved resource control

Increased productivity

Question 25

To best evaluate, from a financial standpoint, an IT investment whose benefits cannot be firmly established in advance, you would use:

Question options:

capital budgeting.

the real option pricing model.

a scoring model.

the net present value.

Question 26

You have been hired to implement an enterprise system that will automate much of the billing and accounting work for a statewide HVAC services company. Which of the following would you prepare to describe how the new system will affect a firm’s structure and operations?

Question options:

Information systems plan

Internal integration report

Sociotechnical design report

Organizational impact analysis

Question 27

Transferring data from a legacy system to the new system would be defined by which category of system design specifications?

Question options:



Manual procedures


Question 28

The __________ is directly responsible for the individual systems project.

Question options:

project management group

project team

IS steering committee

corporate strategic planning committee

Question 29

What is the greatest barrier to successful business process change?

Question options:

Ineffective project management

Usability of implemented solution

Selecting the correct process to change

Organizational culture

Question 30

Users prefer systems that:

Question options:

are oriented to facilitating organizational tasks and solving business problems.

work with existing DBMS.

are able to provide optimum hardware and software efficiency.

are capable of storing much more data than they need.

Question 31

Compared to the use of proprietary components, Web services promise to be less expensive and less difficult to implement because of:

Question options:

their ability to integrate seamlessly with legacy systems.

their ability to enable communication among different systems using universal standards.

the ubiquity of the Internet.

the ability to reuse Web services components.

Question 32

The criteria used for evaluation in a scoring model are usually determined by:

Question options:

lengthy discussions among the decision-making group.

portfolio analysis.

the IS steering committee.

systems analysts.

Question 33

Which of the following is NOT one of the five main variables affecting project success?

Question options:





Question 34

Which of the following is NOT a top priority in mobile application development?

Question options:

Designing for multitouch

Saving resources

Limiting the use of keyboards

Designing for keyboard data entry

Question 35

You are an IT project manager for an advertising firm. The firm wishes to create an online tool that will be used to survey focus group reactions to products in development. The most important consideration for the firm is being able to offer the tool as soon as possible as a new corporate service. However, you know that many of the senior managers that are business owners of this project have difficulty in understanding technical or software development issues and are likely to change their requirements during the course of development. What development method would be most successful for this project?

Question options:



End-user development


Question 36

Which of the following project management variables indicates how well the project satisfies management objectives?

Question options:





Question 37

All of the following are indications of a failed information systems project EXCEPT:

Question options:

employees are refusing to switch to the new system.

employees have created a spreadsheet solution to manipulate the data generated by the system.

a redesigned Web site has fewer visits to the customer support pages.

employees require training to properly use the system.

Question 38

Which method is used to assign weights to various features of a system?

Question options:

Information systems plan

Scoring model

Portfolio analysis


Question 39

In an object-oriented development framework for a university, how would the classes Degree, Mathematics, and Physics be related?

Question options:

Degree would be a sister class to Mathematics and Physics.

Degree is a superclass to Mathematics and Physics.

Mathematics and Physics would be ancestors to Degree.

Degree would be a subclass to Mathematics and Physics.

Question 40

Organizational software packages often include __________ features that allow the software to be modified to meet organizational requirements.

Question options:


object oriented



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