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  • As the HU Investment Firm cybercrime expert, you are required to create a Cybercrime Mitigation Plan. The overall cybercrime mitigation plan should be written with a minimum of two to three sentence description of what the outline will cover under each section. 
  • Use the following website as a guide to creating your Risk  Mitigation Plan

Keep the following structure in mind as you develop your mitigation plan. You want to avoid or transfer as much serious risk as possible and have a detailed mitigation plan for the remaining risks.

Risk Mitigation Handling Options

Write your formal Mitigation Plan and ensure you include the following components:

  • Understand the users and the needs of the users
  • Research what the experts say about the needed mitigation for every element. Include that support in your report.
  • Identify and evaluate recurring risks and explain in detail the plan to mitigate those risks
  • Identify and explain opportunities to improve the system in order to reduce the negative impacts of some events
  •  Propose a plan to promote collaboration and dialogue about risk management and mitigation planning
  • Ensure that your writing is professional, well-supported, and easy to understand for non-IT people
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