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Annotated Bibliography

Children’s Use of Technology and Social Media

Timothy Mang

Grand Canyon University

Professor Dennis Attawia

Introduction to Graduate Studies in CSET

August 10, 2023

Annotated Bibliography

Bozzola, E., Spina, G., Agostiniani, R., Barni, S., Russo, R., Scarpato, E., Di Mauro, A., Di Stefano, A. V., Caruso, C., Corsello, G., & Staiano, A. (2022). The Use of Social Media in Children and Adolescents: Scoping Review on the Potential Risks.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,
19(16), 9960.

This resource enriches the discussion about children’s technology and social media use. It methodically examines the effects of adolescent social media use, making it relevant to the study topic. The reference’s thorough methodology, substantial data analysis, and complete approach make it an academic paper. The writers’ thorough analysis of children’s internet threats in this precisely compiled annotated bibliography shows their breadth. This work’s academic worth is enhanced by extensive case studies, incisive insights, and rigorous data analysis. Through their diligent study, the writers have exposed the multiple aspects of this important contemporary topic, making this reference a vital addition to scholarly debate.

Chang, V., Golightly, L., Xu, Q. A., Boonmee, T., & Liu, B. S. (2023). Cybersecurity for children: an investigation into the application of social media.
Enterprise Information Systems.

Chang et al. (2023) examine children’s cybersecurity and social media consequences. Their study explores the complex link between children’s use of technology, especially social media, and cybersecurity. This article explores the complex relationship between children’s technology and social media, making it relevant to the study issue. The authors discuss the issues and threats young users encounter online and the necessity for a thorough cybersecurity knowledge to protect children’s online experiences. This article’s publication in “Enterprise Information Systems,” a peer-reviewed journal, and its addition to the academic debate on technology’s effects on younger generations make it scholarly. The detailed research, methodological rigor, and relevant references enhance its scientific status.

Davis, K. (2023). Technology’s Child: Digital Media’s Role in the Ages and Stages of Growing Up. In
Google Books. MIT Press.

In “Technology’s Child: Digital Media’s Role in the Ages and Stages of Growing Up,” Davis (2023) examines how digital media affects children’s development. This book examines how technology affects children’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. The author examines how digital media affects various age groups and their well-being. This citation greatly advances the discussion on children’s technology and social media use. This study on “Children’s Use of Technology and Social Media,” analyzes the many ways digital media affects children’s life. The book draws on empirical studies, developmental psychology, and educational research to retain intellectual rigor as an MIT Press product. Thus, it is a reliable and academic source on technology’s complex effects on children’s development.

Domoff, S. E., Borgen, A. L., Foley, R. P., & Maffett, A. (2019). Excessive use of mobile devices and children’s physical health.
Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies,
1(2), 169–175.

Domoff et al. (2019) examined how excessive mobile device usage affects children’s physical health. In this Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies article, researchers examine the growing worry over children’s technology use and its effects. A systematic strategy is used to explore the relationship between prolonged mobile device use and child physical well-being. Their study on screen time’s effects is relevant to Children’s Use of Technology and Social Media. The extensive analysis and empirical findings in this article add to the discussion on children’s technology usage and health. The incorporation of relevant references and methodological rigor makes this study effort respectable and authoritative for academic investigation in this topic.

Fischer-Grote, L., Kothgassner, O. D., & Felnhofer, A. (2019). Risk factors for problematic smartphone use in children and adolescents: a review of existing literature.
33(4), 179–190.

Fischer-Grote et al. (2019) exhaustively reviewed risk factors for problematic smartphone use in children and adolescents. The writers thoroughly reviewed literature to understand this growing worry. The study explores the complex relationship between electronic involvement and negative consequences in children, making it relevant to the research area of Children’s Use of Technology and Social Media. This reference illuminates the intricate link between children, teenagers, and the digital world by examining problematic smartphone usage. The broad literature study and rigorous procedures demonstrate its intellectual worth. This extensive study helps us grasp children’s multidimensional technology engagement, which is academic about the research. Thus, Fischer-Grote et al.’s (2019) study contributes to the literature on technology’s effects on youth.

Frey, E. F. J., Bonfiglioli, C., Brunner, M., & Frawley, J. (2021). Parents’ use of social media as a health information source for their children: A scoping review.
Academic Pediatrics,

Frey et al. (2021) examine parents’ use of social media for child health information in their scoping review. With a focus on the digital era, the research adds to the discussion over technology and social media’s effects on children. This occurrence directly supports the study issue of Children’s Use of Technology and social media. The authors carefully examine parents’ use of digital platforms for health advice, revealing the possible consequences. This scholarly paper is useful for academic research in this field because to its thorough analysis, methodological rigor, and critical assessment. The publication synthesizes information and suggests future research via its systematic review.

Gottschalk, F. (2019). Impacts of technology use on children.
OECD Education Working Papers,

In Gottschalk (2019), “Impacts of technology use on children,” the author examines the many consequences of technology on children. The study explores the complex links between technology exposure and children’s development and well-being, making it relevant to Children’s Use of Technology and social media. The OECD Education Working Paper’s thorough research and review procedure emphasizes the reference’s scientific quality. The essay comprehensively investigates children’s technology use’s cognitive, socio-emotional, and educational effects, both good and bad. It also considers parents and educators’ mediation function. The detailed study in this article helps academics, educators, and policymakers understand and handle children’s technology use on social media and beyond.

Lichy, J., McLeay, F., Burdfield, C., & Matthias, O. (2022). Understanding Pre‐Teen Consumers Social Media Engagement.
International Journal of Consumer Studies,

Lichy, McLeay, Burdfield, and Matthias (2022) study pre-adolescent consumer social media use. The research examines how youngsters use technology and social media. This reference is relevant to “Children’s Use of Technology and Social Media,” since it explores young users’ complex digital habits and preferences. The authors study pre-teens’ social media motives and habits qualitatively. Empirical facts and a methodical approach give this study academic respect. Due to its study methodology, empirical data, and focus on children’s technology and social media use, this reference is an academic article.

Scott, F. L. (2021). Family mediation of preschool children’s digital media practices at home.
Learning, Media and Technology, 1–16.

Scott’s (2021) research examines how family mediation affects preschoolers’ digital media use at home. The study examines the complex relationship between family behaviors and young children’s technology use. The family context illuminates how parental guidance and regulation affect children’s digital media usage, making the research relevant to Children’s Use of Technology and social media. This study illuminates the complex interaction between family relationships and technological exposure, which affects early childhood development. This article’s thorough analysis, rigorous methodology, and publishing in Learning, Media, and Technology, a prestigious journal known for its academic rigor and distribution of scholarly work emphasize its scholarly quality. The combination of empirical facts, theoretical ideas, and methodological accuracy makes this reference a reliable and useful addition to academic debate.

Tabroni, I., Husniyah, H., Sapitri, L., & Azzahra, Y. (2022). Impact of Technological Advancements on The Establishment of Characteristics of Children.
East Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research,
1(1), 27–32.

In Tabroni, Husniyah, Sapitri, and Azzahra (2022), technological advances have a major influence on children’s development. This academic paper in the East Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research examines how technology affects children’s development. The authors’ study on how technology affects children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development is pertinent to Children’s Use of Technology and social media. The essay examines how technology affects children’s development and its pros and downsides. The comprehensive study technique, including data collecting and analysis, makes the piece a scholarly source on the complex relationship between technology and children’s development.


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